Fans Reactions to ‘Shogun’ Episode 6!

Episode 6 of FX and Hulu’s hit show Shogun let the female characters take over and fans are loving it!

Shogun episode 6 was not filled with action, but fans were able to get more of Mariko’s family background. Plus it was full of dialogues about politics, and showed how they played a huge role and were structured in Japanese society back in the day.

Fans are talking about the tension between Mariko and Anjin because in this episode Toranaga decided it would be a good gift to take Anjin to spend the night with Kiku, the finest courtesan in the Izu prefecture, and ordered Mariko to stay in the same room in case she needed to translate anything. Of course this has caused a huge tension between Mariko and Anjin as she seemed a little bit jealous or uncomfortable with this order from Toranaga.

Another thing that has fans reacting, is what Mariko told Toranaga.

They are also talking about how this episode gave the opportunity for the female characters to shine, because in most of this episode they were the ones putting on a show. Fans are giving them the credit they deserve.

After a series of events that unfolded at the end of episode 6, Toranaga decided that it was time to declare war and take over Osaka. This definitely made fans excited because the best part of this show is about to come; it will be a bloodbath between Toranaga’s army against the council’s army. It seems like a David and Goliath situation, and the next episode will be a great one because it will be the start of this long awaited battle.

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