Fans Reactions to ‘Shogun’ Episode 5!

‘Shogun’ continues to surprise fans and episode 5 caused emotional reactions. Let’s see what people had to say about the hit shows latest episode.  

**Spoilers for Episode 5 Ahead**

In this episode the great Lord Toranaga has come back to the village followed by a great army of samurai who are ready to give their life for gim. And he is not pleased with his son’s actions.

Fans were shocked to see that Buntaro, Mariko’s husband, survived and managed to escape Osaka despite being outnumbered.

After the shocking news of Buntaro’s return he is ordered to stay at Anjin’s house together with his wife. This was not taken well by him and fans are already reacting to this moment in a funny way, because it is no surprise to anyone that Buntaro hates Anjin.

During dinner Anjin and Buntaro exchanged some words, they started to display their toxic masculinity and decided to make a sake competition to see who is the better man. They both got really drunk and then Anjin challenged Buntaro to see if he is the great warrior everyone says he is. But this competition took a turn when Buntaro ordered Mariko to stand in front of him while he was going to shoot arrows.

This made fans really angry because of the way Buntaro treats Mariko and now he is one of the most hated characters. Because he shows no signs of respect towards her, and in this episode Mariko’s past was finally revealed and fans learned that she comes from a dishonored bloodline, and that is why Buntaro hates her so much to the point that every year during her family’s death anniversary she asks him if she could take her life. But he orders her to keep living as a sign of hate and repulsion towards her.

Fans are starting to love Fuji because of her beauty and her innocence. This character is the definition of dedication and loyalty. She is always trying to please and honor Anjin despite him being hated by the rest of the workers assigned to his house. She is always there to back him up whenever is needed, and fans are starting to see her character development and are calling her their favorite character from Shogun.

At the end of this episode there is a huge earthquake that destroys the village. Lord Toranaga was caught in a massive landslide that buried him, but Anjin runs to his aid and finds him saving Toranagas life. This moment was powerful because the way Toranaga looked at Anjin as soon as he gained consciousness showed gratitude, but also he lost his Katanas and Anjin decided to give him the Fuji’s father katanas in an act of honor towards her and her family.

This episode was not filled with action but it was definitely filled with wholesome moments that made it very emotional.

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