Fans Reactions To ‘Shogun’ Episode 4!

Episode 4 was definitely a surprise among fans, especially with its wild ending. Nobody was expecting how the last minutes of this episode was going to be and it took everyone by surprise!

In this episode fans can see how the army of Toranaga is starting to learn tactics on how to use cannons more effectively. Anjin or John Blackthorne who now has the title of Hatamoto, a high rank given to him by Toranaga, is the responsible to teach the samurai some warfare tactics used by the English Navy.

There were some other events that are remarkable from this episode, including Mariko and John slept together. This was anticipated by fans since the beginning because they seemed to have a good chemistry, and Mariko always seemed intrigued by John and in this episode it finally happened.

Fans have also expressed how annoying Toranaga’s son is. His actions in this episode were not taken in a good way because of his childish and dangerous acts of war are about to start, and this is going to ruin the plans Toragana had.

This show keeps on surprising everyone in each episode, it is so unpredictable and that is why fans love it so much. People continue reacting in a positive way calling it one of the best shows they have ever seen.

But the most remarkable moment from this episode was the brutal ending. Nobody expected it to go down the way it did and fans can not get over it. It was definitely a very gory and violent scene that happened out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard.

Now everyone is ready for episode 5 and the war that is about to start. This will definitely impact the story since Nakagado, who is Toranaga’s son, made a declaration of war against his father’s will.

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