Fan Reactions to ‘Shogun’ Episode 3!

FX & Hulu’s newest addition is having a massive success making its way to potentially becoming the best show of 2024.

Shogun is getting so much attention because of how good it is, and episode three had fans ecstatic. In this episode we see the escape of Lord Toranaga from Osaka, where he was being held prisoner. This whole episode was a masterpiece from the beginning to the end; the suspense and action have fans going as far as saying this is the best show from 2024 so far.

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This show is so good that it has fans digging and talking about culture, social classes, and loyalty.

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This episode definitely got fans excited and they think it was a masterpiece, they even said that it is even better than the previous episodes. That also leaves room to think about the rest of the episodes coming next and it is something really exciting to think about, especially now that the story is reaching a point where more things are about to unfold.

Fans also have related this episode to the game Assassins creed because at the end of episode two an assassin was sent to kill “Anjin” aka John Blackthorne but was neutralized by Lord Toranaga. And at the beginning of episode three there is a conversation about an assassin clan and this got fans excited.

People are recommending this show for those who have still not started it yet, expressing their thoughts about it and saying that you won’t regret giving this show a try.

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Some fans are saying episode three made them tear up, because of one of the scenes where warrior Toda Buntaro committed the greatest sacrifice and gave his life for Lord Toranaga so he and the rest of his followers could escape from Osaka.

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Others have said how this show is teaching them parts of the old Japanese culture and their way of life. This show besides being really good also educates people and teaches them new cultural things.

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One thing is sure fans were waiting for episode 3 to come out almost as much as Taylor Swift’s fans wait for her to drop a new album. They could not wait and after finishing this episode they are surely anxious for next Tuesday to come.

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