Fan Reactions to Season 2 of ‘The Afterparty’!

Season 2 of The Afterparty just dropped its season finale on September 6th. Here is what fans have been saying about the newest season!

**Spoilers for The Afterparty Season 2**

Apple TV’s 2nd season of The Afterparty is officially done! Fans were hyped at the beginning of the season with a whole new murder mystery to figure out.

Early Theories of Who The Murderer Is

After the first three episodes dropped, fans were already sharing their thoughts on who the murderer could be this season. A TikTok user was breaking down the first few episodes and shared his thoughts on how the adopted sister of the victim could be the murderer.

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Another TikTok user thought that Travis was not who he said he was and that the clues were pointing to Ulysses, but she did not think he would be revealed as the murderer.

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Hannah and Grace

In episode 4, the love storyline with the adopted sister, Hannah, and the recently wedded bride of the victim, Grace, was surprising. Fans immediately became obsessed with this because you could tell that they were in love. First, it was a tragic love storyline, but in the end, they got their happy ending. There were numerous TikTok videos that were shipping Hannah and Grace together.

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The Genres of Each Episode

In the last season of The Afterparty, each character that was a suspect in the murder told their story in a different film genre. This season followed the same formula, but these genres were more notable which fans loved even more. The creator of the show, Christopher Miller shared on X that there was already movie poster artwork being made.

Fans took note of the different genres for all 10 episodes.

A Tiktok user loved the Regency period episode and pointed out there were moments that resembled the film, Pride and Prejudice.

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The Finale

The season 2 finale had fans going crazy. The killer was revealed to be Grace’s uncle, Ulysses. He intended to poison his brother, not Edgar, in order to be with Vivianne, his brother’s wife and the reactions were varied. Either they were really surprised about who the killer was or were excited that their theories about who the murderer was were actually correct.

A TikTok user figured out that Ulysses was the real killer before the final episode and he explained that this was all about Vivianne and it was an accidental murder.

@notyouraveragecupajoe I figured it out and i had to document it and post it before the finale. #TheAfterparty #season2 on @Apple TV this show is so dang good. I have been basically kepong a murder board jn my head. But let it be known i fully support @SAG-AFTRA and the #WGA ♬ original sound – ThatGuyJoe

There were a few more surprises in store for the fans. In the end, Danner switched from writing a book to making a movie about the first murder that occurred in season 1. The “cast” for the movie was Keke Palmer, Elijah Woods, Gemma Chan, and Jaleel White. Fans were shocked by these cameos and how they kept it under wraps so well.

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