Fan Reactions to ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’!

Season 1 of Mr & Mrs Smith is out now on Amazon Prime Video; here is what fans are saying about the new show!

**Spoilers for Mr & Mrs Smith Season 1**

Season 1 of Amazon Prime Video’s Mr & Mrs Smith is officially out! Fans of the original 2005 blockbuster film were given a fresh look at the sexy, new spy thriller, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine.

These two “partners in crime” take fans on a ride through their secretive lives as covert operators and loving husband and wife. Much like their marriage, John and Jane work as a team to perform their assigned missions and combat outside threats, including other Smiths!

Fans are especially delighted by the on-screen chemistry between Glover and Erskine, who capture the essence of a married couple with enough combined, emotional baggage to fill a landfill. A particular argument scene in episode 6 had many on the verge of tears, following a nasty argument between the couple.

Finding a balance for spycraft and marriage isn’t for the weak, as our beloved Smiths find out the hard way after failing three missions. In response to their shoddy work, their agency tasks them with “taking out their Smith,” followed by a face off against John #2 (Wagner Moura) and Jane #2 (Parker Posey).

A shootout ensues between the pair of Smiths, resulting in a cliffhanger that has left fans speechless and at the behest of a season 2!

You can watch the entire first season of Mr and Mrs Smith on Amazon Prime Video now!

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