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Since starting it’s first season in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video, The Boys has flipped the superhero genre on its head with some of the goriest fights, insidious villains, and most awesome one liners. While we wait for season 4, we have the spin off show, Gen V to fulfill our needs for profanity and super powered mayhem. With one more episode to go for its first season, let’s see how fans have reacted to these super powered teens.

The characters in this show are spectacular, and fans agree. One fan favorite is Jordan Li, who’s power consists of gender transformation, energy blasts, superhuman agility, indestructibility, superhuman strength, and a regenerative healing factor. If stanning Jordan is a crime, it looks like we’re all due for a trip to The Woods.

It’s not all energy blasts and rainbows though. Students at Godolkin University fight battles we don’t always see, like past traumas, eating disorders, and the longing for family and friends. This gives the show a level of connection and emotion that’s hard to come by nowadays in television. As we head into its season finale, make sure to keep a box of tissues on standby.

It seems we’re not the only ones hyped for season 2! Joining together on screen, the cast gives us a live reaction to them seeing that season 2 has been confirmed. Hopefully in the near future, the cast can give us some new info they have on the second season of this superpowered behemoth of a show.

Power couple alert! Jordan and Marie are not the only couple in Gen V, but man oh man have they stolen everyone’s hearts. In a world of couples like Homelander and Stormfront, it’s nice to see one semi-normal couple in this universe.

Not every character gets love though. Take Andre Anderson for example: he has the power of magnetism manipulation and also hooked up with his dead best friend’s girlfriend. Superpowers or not, it was a total violation of the bro code and fans are letting him have it.

Spoiler warning! Though Gen V features many easter eggs and characters to tie it back to The Boys, none have been as electrifying as the return of Jensen Ackle’s, Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy quickly stole the show of The Boys season 3 and it looks like history is going to repeat itself.

Finding love is hard enough. Finding love while being chased by your evil school and having your memory wiped by one of your friends? Now that’s a job fit for Emma and Sam.

Do we hear an Emmy coming? Fans are throwing roses at the feet of Jaz Sinclair who plays main character Marie Moreau. Though Marie just wants to find her younger sister, Jaz makes sure to give it her all and steal the show.

Fans can be vocal about characters they like. If they’re vocal about Cate from Gen V, who are we to blame them? Not that its a competition, but we think Cate has been through the most out of everyone in the show and we are rooting for her.

If we can have Soldier Boy, maybe we can get someone else too? The Boys has some of the best modern renditions of super powered characters in modern TV. One of these super powered stars is Queen Maeve, who can do everything we do except faster, stronger, longer, and pretty much straight up better. After battling Soldier Boy and Homelander in The Boys season 3 climax, she lost an eye and her super powers. However, this doesn’t stop fans from hoping she makes an appearance in Gen V.

With season one one episode away from finishing, what have been your favorite moments of Gen V so far? Let us know on social media and remember: don’t trust Vought!

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