Fan Reactions To Episodes 8 & 9 of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’!

Bachelor Nation has been patiently waiting for our original couples to be reunited and oh did that come in full swing on this week’s doubleheader of paradise. Scroll down for the best Twitter reactions from this week’s episodes.

Jesse Palmer was right when he told the women that they would be walking into a different beach. In the wise words of Kate Gallivan, “my stomach just fell in my vagina”… and audiences were feeling that tension. While some couples stayed strong, others fizzled out even leading some to leave the island. See below to capture and laugh along with the best social media reactions to the drama that ensued during Monday and Tuesday night’s episodes in paradise.

Lace telling the men that others have joined them at the estate and are leaving paradise for good.

Genevieve & Shanae being the highlight of the season thus far.

Kate becoming the villain of paradise…

Jill making an iconic exit.

Fan favorite couple Brandon & Serene being reunited.

The question remaining on who Victoria Fuller will choose in her love triangle… Johnny or Alex?

We hope you were able to chuckle along with all the chaos that happened on the beach by those Twitter reactions. Make sure to have your life jackets prepared for next week as Victoria comes to the decision on who to give her rose to, Justin returns back to paradise, and a set of twins come to make things more complicated. Bachelor In Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday nights and streams the next day on Hulu.

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