Fan Reaction to ‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Premiere!

We have all been waiting for the second season of HBO’s hit show White Lotus to premiere and now the wait is over! After an exciting premiere, here is what Twitter has to say. 

Romance, wine, hookers, and multiple dead bodies? There are multiple mysteries sure to be revealed throughout this season of White Lotus. We have some familiar faces from season 1, and a handful of new vacationers this year including Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, and Theo James. Let’s see how Twitter reacted to episode 1 of White Lotus.

Although we will miss the iconic season 1 intro, this classical remix fits perfectly with the romantic Italian theme for season 2! Harps and softer vocals transform this season’s intro into a more relaxed and classical vibe which we love.

It’s always fun when a show acknowledges its counter-universes. Harper is definitely going to need to loosen up on this vacation, but her skepticism is in the right place for sure. Also, you all need to watch Ted Lasso, It’s fantastic!

Now, this was really disappointing. Tanya only deserves the best as we all know, so why is Greg not treating her like the queen he used to? He is up to something no good and we wouldn’t mind if the dead guy turns out to be him.

Warning: NSFW. Theo James is really showing up this season (wink wink). We know there is definitely more naked Cameron in store and we can’t wait!

This was probably the funniest moment from the episode. Farting is always funny, keep it up HBO!

Sunday is truly the best day of the week!

With nothing truly revealed (except for Theo James) in episode 1, we have no idea where this season is going to take us. How many bodies are there? Who was killed? What’s the deal with the statue lady that kills her husband? Too many questions, and not enough answers. We will just have to wait until next week for episode 2!

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