Fairy Prom Mother – S5 E4 ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap & Review

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The timeline of today must be protected by the Legends of Tomorrow… Come hear all about it with the AFTERBUZZ TV LEGENDS OF TOMORROW AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Join us in OUR timeline as we break down and analyze every episode and character. Make sure to stick around for our fun special segments, news and gossip!

Episode Recap

The Legends take on the Prom Night Slasher, Freddy Meyer – a serial killer encore who killed in 1989 and  has come back in 2004 to take revenge on the class of 1989 at their reunion. Ray has an idea of using time travel to go back to help encores as children to stop them from becoming bad.  When the team is seperated, Ray, Nate, Nora, Behrad and a dragged along Zari head back to 1989 while Sara, Ava and MIck take on the 2004 killer. Nora becomes Freddy’s fairy godmother and tries to give him the prom night of his dreams to change his future.  The team soon learns though that the killer was really Freddy’s mom who wanted Frdddy all to herself. When Behrad stops her, Freddy’s future is changed, Zari learns what Behard has really been doing with the air totem and the Legends celebrate their win taking lots of photos at the 1989 reunion photo booth.

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