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General Hospital is about the wealthy Quartermaine family that continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

Episode Recap

Michael brings Wiley to GH with a shortness of breath.  Monica tells him that the heart defect he has, like Michael did as a baby, hasn’t corrected itself and elective surgery is needed.  Because it is elective both parents must sign which means Michael has to get Nelle to agree.  Nelle arrives and refuses to sign the release because she thinks there may be another option.
Carly comes to the hospital and tells Michael she will take care of it.  Finding Nelle on the roof of GH, Carly tries to convince her to do the right thing and sign the release.  Nelle refuses to let Carly be the winner and doesn’t sign the release.  Carly locks the door to the roof stranding Nelle while she plans to take matters into her own hands.

Laura stops by Sonny’s house to see if she can get Sonny to help stop Cyrus.  Without giving any specifics, he lets her know that he is working on a solution.

Sonny and Jason realize that Jordan was the person inside the PCPD who helped Cyrus’s drug shipment get through.  They go to talk to her because they realize that Cyrus must have TJ.  Jordan tells them and Curtis that that is the case
and TJ isn’t being released until Jordan frees Cyrus from Pentonville.  That means Jordan must come clean about framing Cyrus meaning that she would go to prison while Cyrus goes free.

Sonny and Jason tell Jordan to honor the deaths of her teammates and use that to pin the framing of Cyrus on them.  That way she can remain free to take down Cyrus.  Jordan doesn’t want to sully the reputations of her dead friends but it’s their best chance to take down Cyrus.

Nina hires Nelle as an assistant and Crimson.  Carly overhears and goes off on Nina until Nina explains that she can now use this to keep and eye Nelle and testify against her at the custody hearing.

Brook Lynn is fired from ELQ for the social media mistake she made.  She tries to convince Ned, Olivia and Michael that this is all Lulu’s fault but it falls on deaf ears.  Brook Lynn calls her manager and says she will now sell her shares in exchange for getting her music contract.

Britt runs into Neal at GH and says he looks familiar.  Spinelli tries to spy on Sam’s parole
officer and is caught.  Alexis gets get him out of trouble but Sam still has to deal with her.  Sam lays into Alexis for failing her.  After sending Sam and Spinelli home, Alexis has a shot at the bar before Julian arrives to take her to a AA meeting.

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