‘F-Boy Island’: Where Are They Now?

After a chaotic season 2 on F-Boy Island, we need to know what is happening with the islanders after the finale! Here is what some of the cast mates are up to now. 

In the jaw-dropping finale, host Nikki Glaser revealed a third option for F-Boy Island stars Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda. They could dump both remaining men, and walk away with $100,000. In the end, Mia and Louise both took the leap and chose self-proclaimed FBoys Mercedes Knox and Peter Parker, and after a sigh of relief, both men split the money with the girls, leaving Tamaris to make her final decision between 2 nice guys, and ultimately choosing herself as an “F-girl”. But what happened after the cameras were cut?

Mia and Peter

As revealed in an interview with Variety, Mia claims that she and Peter are just friends.

“I talk to Peter maybe once or twice a month. But we both understand the current situations — he lives in D.C. and I’m in Miami for dental school.”

Interestingly enough, Mia also revealed in the interview that she still talks to runner-up Danny Louisa almost every day. On Mia’s Instagram, the only proof of “Meter” is a pinned picture of them with the caption “Thank you”, and random heart comments from @thekoreanpapi. One commenter stated “This relationship is fake”, to which Mia responded with “but you said it was fake from the beginning?!? see you think that till you are there yourself… Peter and I could of made it but I’m super busy with school in Florida and he is back north… WE TRIED BUT I would rather have Peter as my bff then not have him at all …” So in the end, Mia isn’t necessarily with anyone specific, but she definitely seems to be keeping her options open.


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Louise and Mercedes

At first glance at Louise’s Instagram, you would have thought that Benedict won. In the interview with Variety, Louise reveals how after watching the show and seeing Mercedes’ behavior, she felt like an idiot.

“We took a little break after the show, because there was a lot of pressure to work things out. And then — I don’t know. We’re on good terms, but it’s kind of up in the air right now.”


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From the looks of their social media, aside from the FBoy Island reunion parties, the two don’t seem to be hanging out much. I declare this relationship also split.


After making the bold decision to take the $100,000, everything has been looking fabulous for our FGirl. She ditched the pink locks for a daring brunette look and seems to be living her best life.


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Tamaris was left with 2 nice guys, season 1 fan favorite Casey Johnson, and Niko Pilalis, who returned from elimination 24 hours before the finale. Staying true to the FGirl name, Tamaris does not follow either man on social media. Nice Guy Niko appears to still keep tabs on Tamaris as he follows her, but Casey does not seem to be bothered. (He does follow his ex-girlfriend and yes, the pictures are still up)

Louise, Tamaris, and Mia came to the island to try to weed out the Fboys, find the nice guys, and win love and money. In the end, the genuine love these women found on FBoy Island was not from any FBoy or nice guy, it was with each other. Both on the show and off, it’s clear that these ladies still keep in touch, try to hang out, support each other and show love that, let’s be honest, you couldn’t get from any nice guy or FBoy.

You can watch seasons 1 and 2 of FBoy Island on HBOMax.

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