Expectations For The Rest Of ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 1!

Season 1 of House of the Dragon is gearing up for the upcoming Targaryen civil war. The build up has been at a satisfactory pace, but much still remains to be seen. Here’s what fans are expecting for the final four episodes!

*Spoilers for the book Fire & Blood*

The House of the Dragon season one finale will air on Oct. 23, leaving only four more Sundays in Westeros for the near future. The show seems to be going at a rapid speed due to the excitement it’s causing fans, evident by continuous discussions on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. It’s certainly living up to the expectations and hype of its predecessor. Between trailers, photos, and the book to go off of, there’s a bunch of material to make predictions for the rest of season one. Here are some expectations for what remains.

Final Time Jump

The season has had fast pacing, jumping around in time culminating in episode six with a 10 year skip. However, this won’t be stopping until episode eight, which will have the final major time jump for the rest of the show’s timeline. There will be a six year gap between episodes seven and eight. The cast members playing the characters at that point will be in those roles for the remainder of their time on the show. This will finally finish setting the stage for the major civil war — called the “Dance of the Dragons” in George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood novel — that the show will center on, expected to truly kick off in episode 10. House of the Dragon is predicted to run for three to four seasons in total.

More Dragons

You can’t have a show called House of the Dragon without showing some dragons. Last week’s showing of Vhagar, Laena Velaryon’s dragon and the current biggest in the show’s universe, got fans excited to see more. Additionally, being able to see how the newest Targaryen generation stands with their own dragons (or lack thereof) was thrilling knowing that a war is brewing. Episode seven will feature seven of the nine dragons expected to appear in season one. They’ll all be on screen together at once, which is an epic precursor of what’s to come. Plus, with a rumor swirling that one of the dragons might be the mom of the three seen in Game of Thrones, everyone is eager for its presence. And hey, their unique designs are pretty damn cool to look at.

*That* Rhaenyra & Alicent Confrontation

If anybody’s seen the previews, they know there’s a moment yet to happen where Alicent pulls a knife on Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys in the midst of a crowd, forcing Rhaenyra to get in the middle of them. This is expected to occur in episode seven as well, raising the tensions and stakes even higher than you thought they could go. The entire main cast will be present for the showdown, with everybody and the crew calling it one of the more memorable and high pressure scenes of the whole season. Fans have been waiting for this moment since it appeared in the first trailer, which will no doubt really divide Rhaenyra and Alicent’s sides of the game.


Aemond’s One Eye

Before the season even premiered, there were images shown of older Aemond, the second eldest son of Viserys and Alicent, with an eye patch, now expected to be in or after episode eight. With the character he turns out to be in the book, he’s a ringer to become a fan favorite nearing the likes of Daemon. His loss of an eye is very well theorized to be the cause of why Alicent goes off on Rhaenyra as mentioned above, so we could be seeing what happens to him in episode seven. Episode six shows how he’s often the victim of bullying from the other boys, as he’s the only one without a dragon, and episode seven previews the dragon Vhagar being stolen. It’s alluded that Aemond is the culprit, and if the events of episode seven are meaningful for him, it’s sure to set up a character arc for him to become one of the stronger contenders later on.

Daemon & Rhaenyra’s Reunion

Now that Daemon’s a single man, that leaves an opening for him to swoop in on Rhaenyra. Her husband Laenor is still around, but with the way the book goes, he won’t be for long, creating the perfect opportunity for the two to become one. Episode six planted seeds of how they can potentially fit into one another’s lives again, as well as drawing parallels between their current stages of life. House of the Dragon follows the Targaryens, a big promoter of incest to keep the Iron Throne bloodline “pure,” so fans have to accept the unusual method of pairings at some point. But for most of the fandom, this has proven to be easy when it comes to Daemon and Rhaenyra, and the exuberant chemistry they spew in scenes together. The remainder of the season is expected to solidify their relationship once and for all.

Viserys’ Death

Everyone watching the show knows the end times are near for Viserys. The King has been gradually deteriorating every week, to the point that it came as somewhat of a surprise that he lived through the 10 year time jump. So the question remains not if, but when he’ll finally have his last moments on screen. It’s confirmed he’s suffering from a form of leprosy, with the illness slowly taking over his body, a metaphor for the stress ruling has caused him. The show depicts him as still being all for Rhaenyra’s ideas and succeeding him, as he’s seen usually listening to her over Alicent, which of course drives a wedge between the married couple. He’s a supportive father on his daughter’s side, so when he does go (along with the major driving force of a woman holding the throne), it’s imagined that true chaos will break out between the family. It’s still not clear when the time will come. Perhaps he’ll meet his demise during Alicent’s pull of the dagger in episode seven, or maybe, just maybe, he’ll magically live through another six years and will go out with the season finale. Only time will tell, and Viserys doesn’t have much of that left.

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