EXCLUSIVE: Why Big Brother’s Jasmine Davis Wants to See a Taylor and Michael Final Two!

Jasmine revealed why she now respects Taylor and wants to see her in the final two in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV!

On a momentous night in Big Brother history, the show’s week of two games playing at once came to end with Jasmine Davis being evicted under Michael’s Head of Household. 

Now that she’s headed to jury, Jasmine is revealing how she really feels about Taylor and why she’d like to see her in the final two in her exclusive interview with AfterBuzz below:

AFTERBUZZ: Of the people left in the house when you were evicted, who were you most loyal to?

JASMINE: I was definitely most loyal to Alyssa.

AFTERBUZZ: Who are you most surprised was in the seven-person secret alliance?

JASMINE: Joseph. Like, Joseph got his way into that seven-person alliance and I didn’t? I’m definitely most shocked about Joseph.

AFTERBUZZ: If you stayed this week knowing that there’s a seven-person alliance, who would you have worked with and what would your strategy be moving forward?

JASMINE: I probably would’ve worked with Michael and I would’ve just had to lay out my cards on the table and kind of just play up that sad Southern girl and be like, ‘Look, I messed up. I should have worked with you in the beginning.’ And then try to play it that way and also try to offer up the fact that Alyssa and Terrance wouldn’t be in the alliance, and if they would include me that maybe I could help that side of the house not come and target them. So I definitely don’t know my complete strategy because it is a lot harder when you’re in the game, but I think it would’ve gone a little bit like that.

AFTERBUZZ: When Taylor was HOH, she said she didn’t want to put a Black woman on the block. Would you have done the same for her if roles were reversed?

JASMINE: Definitely now that I’ve gotten to know Taylor so much better and I’ve realized that we are more alike than different, I have so much respect for her, especially after this last week. I would not put her on the block moving forward. I would respect that and I would respect the fact that she did not put me up when she was HOH.

AFTERBUZZ: Who do you think deserves to make it to the final two and why?

JASMINE: I definitely feel like Michael and Taylor deserve to make it to the final two. Michael, because he has been on the block and literally beasted his vetos. I mean, honestly, he has the most comps under his belt and he came in as an underdog and I think a lot of people counted him out. So I think that would be great to see him in the final two as well as Taylor because she was another one that was on the block and people were consistently coming for her, but she persevered through it all. That’s just a strong woman for you and I’m all for a strong woman, so I hope that she’s in the final two as well.

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