Exclusive Interview W/ ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Star Oscar Torre

Oscar Torre from ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ dishes about his character Vinny Malone and gives major props to show creator Tyler Perry.

If you haven’t watched Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots, you are truly missing out. The first scripted television series to air on the OWN Network follows two wealthy families dubbed “The Haves”, and one less fortunate family dubbed “The Have Nots.”

The second half of season 7 is airing right now, and let’s just say your favorite characters are pulling out all the stops.

Oscar Torre, who plays mob boss Vinny Malone, talked with AfterBuzz TV’s Benny Adams about portraying his character on the successful show, the new role Vinny has when it comes to his family, plus we have an exclusive clip from the series as well.

Vinny’s mother, Mama Rose Malone, has been the leader of the Malone family until now. During last week’s episode, she passed the torch to Vinny, trusting him to run the family. With Vinny becoming the Godfather of the family, you can expect some things to change from how Mama Rose ran things.

“Vinny has a violent nature as seen on the show. What makes him interesting is he’s someone who loves his mother and loves his family, and I think that’s what the viewers like about his character. Vinny will do anything to protect his family,” Torre described.

Vinny’s complexity is what Oscar enjoys about playing the mob boss, but when it comes to picking a side on whether Vinny is good or bad, he wants you to decide. ‘

“I don’t judge the characters I play or think of them as “good” or “bad”. I look for why they’re doing what they’re doing… that’s up to the audience.” Explained Torre. “Vinny is a product of his environment, and he sees the world based on his past experiences. If you’re his family you don’t see him as a bad person, instead you see him as a person you can go to. If you’re his enemy then you might say he’s bad.”

Vinny Malone was introduced to the series in season 5. Since day one, Oscar has had a special way of getting into Vinny’s head and making the character his own.

“When I look at the character from the beginning I ask myself what do I know about this character, how am I similar and how am I different? It’s getting to know the character by looking into his world from his point of view, and once you do that, then you’re able to do anything as that character,” explained Torre.

The creation of Vinny Malone, along with the rest of the characters of the series, is all thanks to Tyler Perry.

Recently, Forbes listed Perry as Hollywood’s latest billionaire, something that Torre says is inspiring.

“Tyler Perry is a good guy. I’m so happy to see him succeeding, and it’s not surprising, because when you’re around him he’s extremely focused. He writes, produces, and directs everything he does. He’s somebody that created his own opportunity.” Torre said. “He’s great to work with, and he’s written a beautiful character for me which I am very grateful for.”

Oscar, who has made his footprint in Hollywood as a successful actor, also has some advice for people wanting to make it big when it comes to any type of venture.

“To anyone who wants to get started in any industry, don’t wait for someone to give you the opportunity. Build that door for yourself and push it open, and don’t be afraid to fail because that’s part of the process.” explained Torre

You can catch Vinny and the rest of the crew on The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN every Tuesday at 8/7c.

Until then, you can check out the nail-biting drama in this exclusive clip.

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