EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Terrance Higgins on Taylor: ‘I Don’t Feel She Owed Me Anything’!

Terrance reveals what he thinks about Michael and Brittany’s decision to withhold information regarding Kyle’s Cookout 2.0 theory and more in his exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV!

Big Brother’s infamous double eviction night came to the Season 24 house Thursday night! Just one week after his first HOH reign, Terrance Higgins was evicted from the house. 

Now on his way to jury, Terrance is analyzing his game and revealing what he thinks about Michael and Brittany’s decision to withhold information regarding Kyle’s Cookout theory in his interview below: 

AFTERBUZZ: In retrospect, how would you assess your HOH week? Is there anything you would change or do differently?

TERRANCE: I would’ve just put up Kyle and Alyssa, and that was the only thing that I would’ve done differently.

AFTERBUZZ: You said many hateful things about Taylor, but this week you said you would vote for her to win. Why did you have such a problem with her?

TERRANCE: I didn’t have a problem with Taylor. Me and Taylor actually have a decent relationship. It’s just a Midwesterner vibe and some people just don’t understand that.

AFTERBUZZ: Despite your issues with Taylor, you also wanted her allegiance in the game. Why do you think she owed you that?

TERRANCE: I don’t feel she owed me anything. I just felt that we could have an opportunity to actually work together.

AFTERBUZZ: You called Taylor a sellout for wanting to keep Alyssa in the house over you. Would you call yourself a sellout for wanting to keep Kyle in the house over Taylor?

TERRANCE: No, I absolutely wouldn’t call myself a sellout. I would call myself trying to change and do something differently than what’s already been done with a situation like that.

AFTERBUZZ: Now that you’re out of the house, what are your thoughts on Michael and Brittany after they revealed the information about Kyle?

TERRANCE: I feel how I felt; it was honestly pure gameplay and that’s the only way you can equate it.

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