EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Joseph Says Kyle’s Game is ‘Getting Sloppy’!

Joseph reveals why he thinks Kyle’s game is going downhill and more in his exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV!

In a big loss for The Leftover’s alliance, Big Brother’s week of two games playing at once came to end with Joseph Abdin being evicted under Terrance’s Head of Household. 

On his way to jury, Joseph is revealing why he thinks Kyle’s game is going downhill and more in his exclusive interview with AfterBuzz below:

AFTERBUZZ: Do you have any regrets about choosing to work with The Leftovers or about who was and wasn’t included in the alliance?

JOSEPH: I have no regrets for working with The Leftovers, and that’s a hard decision because in the moment when we came together, it was for a unified reason, but it is the Big Brother house, so I definitely should have been a little bit more concerned with adding someone who has a showmance with someone outside of the alliance. So that would have been my hesitation, but I definitely have no regrets working with those people.

AFTERBUZZ: How do you think playing both sides of the house affected your game?

JOSEPH: I think it didn’t necessarily compliment my game. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, but being forced into the other alliance and having to leak that information back to The Leftovers let me carry some weight, let me build some reliability with my team. It was detrimental to my own game, but I was trying to work as a team player.

AFTERBUZZ: Do you think your fauxmance with Taylor helped or hurt your game and why?

JOSEPH: I think at the moment it helped my game. It allowed me to get closer to Taylor. It allowed me to talk to Taylor. It allowed me to even get to know her, but as you guys saw at Dire Festival, it then clearly became a concern with other people; my close personal relationships that I was building in that house, which was just inevitable because I truly loved those people. It came to my detriment, trying to get back in.

AFTERBUZZ: Is there anything you think you could have said or done differently in your house meeting with Dire Fest to keep you in the house?

JOSEPH: Yes. I truly do think there are some things I could have said or done differently in order to keep me or get me back in the house. And that was something I struggled with a lot in the yard. There were tactics such as lying and planting seeds and emotional manipulation that I could have definitely utilized, but I tried to draw the line somewhere and get back in that house using a method I could be comfortable with. And I knew it might even cost me my game, but I was willing to take the harder and relatively more honest route if need be.

AFTERBUZZ: What do you think Kyle’s game looks like going forward as he reenters the house?

JOSEPH: I think Kyle’s game is starting to get sloppy. I think he’s running out of rope and each week he’s keeping his nose just right above water. If they see that I’m missing and they go back in, I hope they see that as a red flag and that The Leftovers were betrayed. And if so, I think they know I wouldn’t have been the first one to do it. So I think Kyle is running out of rope with each week.

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