EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Daniel Durston Claims Taylor Came Into The House Playing a Villian!

Daniel is revealing how he really feels about Taylor and what he wants to say to her outside of the house in his exclusive interview with AfterBuzz TV!

Following in the footprints of his number one ally Nicole, Daniel Durston was evicted from the Big Brother house Thursday night. After an explosive argument with Taylor and last-minute campaign pleas to stay in the house, Daniel was sent home in a near-unanimous vote, with only Terrance casting a vote in his favor.

Daniel is revealing how he really feels about Taylor and what he wants to say to her outside of the house in his exclusive interview with AfterBuzz below:

AFTERBUZZ: Going back to the beginning, how do you think that winning the first HOH had an impact on your overall game?

DANIEL: Well, it’s what I wanted to do. Number one for safety, because I’m a super fan, I just wanted to be in the house and survive as long as possible. I know it creates a target on your back as a super fan. I know that. But ultimately I see this as the most useless HOH week of all time in Big Brother because of the Backstage pass. But I think I could have aligned with more people, I believe. That’s my mistake that first week, and maybe at least I approached the Taylor replacement in a different way and not trusted everyone who I just met and believed everything that everyone’s telling me.

AFTERBUZZ: You did try your best to campaign over the past few days. Are there any tactics you didn’t try that you think could have worked?

DANIEL: I don’t think there are any tactics that would have worked in general, so I tried the best version I could. Terrence sparked hope in me because I was ready to just completely give up and just live out my last week, but the hard thing was I was next to Alyssa’s showmance so I knew her vote was not gonna go to me. I don’t think she knows the game, at least not the old-school version. I don’t know how much she knows of the game, but I wish she was a little less distracted so that she could see the gameplay in it and why it would help her game. But you know, I respect her. She’s young and she’s falling for this guy and he’s a great dude, so I didn’t think I would have her vote. The only tactic was if I could get Alyssa to flip, Indy would absolutely if she had the backing, and then my last thing was Joseph, which would’ve been a whole other story as far as flipping him. And I don’t think he would have ultimately, so I knew I was on my way out.

AFTERBUZZ: Throughout the game, Taylor has been a big target for you. At one point you told Nicole that you don’t think she’s a good person. Do you still agree with that?

DANIEL: I don’t agree with that. In the house, you definitely feel different emotions and everything is heightened, so I felt differently. She probably acted heightened. But Taylor had even told me that she came into this house playing a character, which was the villain or whatever. Like she would be angry at the production side of it, and I was like, “Why are you like that?” and she’s like, “Oh, I’m just a good person in the real world so I wanna be the exact opposite.” And that was kind of off-putting where I’m like, “Oh, I wish you were who you are in the real world because I think we’d get along a lot better in my mind.” you know? Sorry, what was the question? There’s so many thoughts going through my head.

AFTERBUZZ: You’re fine! I was just asking if you still don’t think that she’s a good person.

DANIEL: Oh no. Once we smoothed things over, we had a talk in the house to be at least cordial and professional, but I look forward to the actual real life of it where we can actually talk in the outside world and make it official, and I can actually specify what I am apologizing for.

AFTERBUZZ: Is there anything that you regret saying or doing in the house?

DANIEL: Oh, a lot already and I haven’t even watched it. So I look forward to watching it back– including the live feed clips–to be aware of my actions, and like I said, specify why I’m apologizing instead of just saying it.

AFTERBUZZ: Online there’s a good majority of Big Brother fans who are really rooting for Taylor. Is that surprising to you given what you experienced in the house?

DANIEL: That is very surprising because I want to say the entire house outside of Nicole was against Taylor, wanted her out for many weeks up until last week or so when the new alliance was formed–or I guess until my blowup where the new alliance was formed. So it is very surprising because I assume the edit is that she’s the hero, I’m the villain, and all that stuff. But when you’re in the house, you are aware of everything that’s happening. And we all had the talk of, it’s just us 16 who live in there, who know every detail to the extent of our personal experience. But again, I don’t know every detail because people are lying and you’re being fed different things, and unfortunately in this game, the beauty and the tragedy is that you have to put your trust into one or two people and fully believe them, and sometimes that is the failure of your game, which is my case.

AFTERBUZZ: You mentioned in your exit interview with Julie that you feel like you’re good with Taylor now, but you’re willing to talk to her more if you need to have more discussions. If she were here right now, what would you say to her?

DANIEL: Oh my gosh. Well, without even reviewing any footage, how I definitely could have approached everything differently. Even if I was upset, there’s definitely a better way to go about it, and unfortunately, the emotions got the best of me. I apologized upfront as a blanket statement, but once I dive into the details, she’ll get those details. Absolutely. Whether it’s the finale if we have time, or FaceTime that week. Definitely an apology, but it will be more specific once I know exactly what’s going on.

AFTERBUZZ:  What’s one thing that you learned from this experience?

DANIEL: Oh my God, one thing? I guess if I needed to break it down is to not believe even the ones you’re loyal to, which I did not think was part of this game. I thought that going in it, once you find those one or two people that you are loyal to and trust that that’s it. And sometimes it works out for people in the house. Unfortunately for me it seems like what I’m hearing is that I was lied to even by them, or maybe they misheard as well and it got relayed by telephone, you know? So far that’s one thing, but there’s many things I’m learning and I will learn.

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