Ex-istential Crisis Season 2 Episode 7 ‘You’ Recap & Review

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Love? Crushes? Obsession? Sinister Motives? These are some of the themes that come about as we watch a bookstore manager crossing paths with a female writer. Every week we dig deeper into the lives of these two characters as obsession becomes criminal. Join us on the YOU AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW every week to break all of it down! From plot discussion, opinions on the characters, and predictions; we’ll be talking about it all. Tune in weekly for potential guest interviews, juicy news and gossip, and special segments! Subscribe, rate, comment, like, and share to stay up to date on all things YOU!

Episode Recap

 Joe and Love explore dating other people. However, Forty tries to mend their broken relationship. Joe turns to acupuncture for understanding of self-love. While his relationship with Delilah gets hot and heavy, it lands the both of them in jail and Delilah in a different kind of trap.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Takira Shabrae’ and Cody Epperson

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