“Evolution” Lost In Space Season 2 Episode 7 Review & Recap

Lost in Space makes a triumphant return to Netflix and we’re here to break it all down! Join us to break down all the episodes here on THE LOST IN SPACE AFTER SHOW!
Evolution, Will, and the robot are reunited at last. They travel 200 km across the desert with maureen and Adler. Along the way Will teaches the robot about friendship and introduces him to the horses. You see real feelings and compassion from the robot in learning to love the horses. After the death of a horse, we see the robot grieving which eventually weighs on Adler who allows the robot to get onboard the transport without restraints. On the Resolute John has been healed and has now learned about a strange communication from space that has Hastings and the captain worried. After teaming up with Dr. Smith he works on a sabotage of his own to find the source of the noise and learn of an impending invasion of several hundred alien ships.
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