Everything You Need To Know About ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’!

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Grease, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Now you’re in for a treat because Paramount+ is reviving the magic of Grease, but in a series that focuses on the lovely Pink Ladies. Here is everything you need to know about Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies!

Do you remember Sandy and Danny’s love story and when they drove a car into the sky? Well, throughout that time, did you dream about being part of Rydell High’s Pink Ladies’ or the T-Birds? Us too. However, with the premiere of Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, the prequel series to Grease, you get to see how the Pink Ladies gang was formed. 

The series was originally named Grease: Rydell High and was set to stream on HBO Max; however, the spinoff was moved to Paramount+ and was rebranded the current title.

Taking place in 1954, you see how the clique forms due to four outcasts deciding that they want to spark a moral panic and change at Rydell High. This is set only 4 years before the original Grease we know and love takes place. 

The cast stars Marisa Davila as Jane, Cheyenne Isabel Wells as Olivia, Ari Notartomaso as Cynthia, and Tricia Fukuhara as Nancy. These are the founding members of the Pink Ladies. Jackie Hoffman plays Assistant Principal McGee, and you may remember this character from the original film, who was then played by Eve Arden. 

Justin Tranter, the music producer and songwriter for the series, “wrote and produced 30 original songs for the 10-episode season.” After Tranter provided demos for showrunner Annabel Oakes, they began to work with Jamal Sims, the choreographer, to make the magic for the show. Alethea Jones is set to direct the pilot episode as well as two additional episodes and will also be credited as an executive producer. 

When interviewed by Variety, Oakes said she “wanted to bring authenticity to what a Southern California high school would like in 1954.” She said she looked at yearbooks from where the original movie, Grease, was shot and found that in 1954 the school was very diverse and integrated. 

You can catch the series premiere on April 6th, 2023, on Paramount+, with new episodes dropping every week every Thursday. 

Until April 6th comes, which is very soon, you can get excited by watching the trailer over and over again!

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