Everything We Know About The Timeline of HBO Max’s ‘Generation’

HBO Max’s new drama-filled series Generation is everything we needed and more! Here’s everything we know about the show’s timeline!

If you’ve been wondering what show you should watch after bingeing Euphoria over and over, we’ve got you covered! HBO’s new series Generation is the next best show to watch. Generation is another wild series about Gen Z that’ll throw you for a loop with all its drama and glory. The show follows the personal, unfiltered lives of various characters throughout their high school journeys. Between coming to terms with their sexualities, sex, drugs, and even giving birth in the bathroom stall of a mall, each episode will leave you wanting more. And the best part is, there’s still so much more to come.

HBO Max and the show’s producers, Zelda Barnz, and her fathers Daniel and Ben decided to follow a non-traditional show schedule. Rather than releasing one episode each week, Generation released 3 episodes on its premiere date, March 11th. The following week, two new episodes were released on March 18th, and we can expect another two this Thursday. The mid-season finale will contain one episode which will be released on April 1st. Lukita Maxwell, who plays Delilah on the show, recently took to her TikTok account to answer questions about Generation, and to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like hanging out with the cast.


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According to this TikTok Maxwell posted, the cast is currently in the process of filming the second half of the season. Fans can expect to see eight more episodes following the mid-season finale, which according to Maxwell, will be coming out later this year.

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Be ready for some nail-biting scenes because Generation is as real as it gets. The first five episodes of Generation are currently available on HBO Max. Let us know your thoughts!

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