Everything We Know About Selena Gomez’s show ‘Only Murders in the Building’

Murder, Mystery, and True Crime Galore! Selena Gomez is diving into new territory in Hulu’s newest show, Only Murders in the Building.

Selena Gomez is pulling out all the stops while filming her new Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. Recent set photos showed a bloodied Gomez being led away to a police car as a group of onlookers watch. These photos of the former Disney star in such a gritty role have sparked a massive amount of interest in the project.

Only Murders in the Building is expected to premiere on Hulu in late 2021 and is created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman. Yes, that Steve Martin, the comedian made famous from his roles in films like The Pink Panther and The Jerk. This is Martin’s first writing effort since his contributions to the screenplay of The Pink Panther 2. Meanwhile, John Hoffman has been carving out a career in Hollywood as a writer on hit shows like HBO’s Looking or Netflix’s Grace & Frankie.

Although Selena Gomez has been keeping up acting along with her wildly successful music career, this will be her first major television role since her time on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Only Murders in the Building focuses on the newfound rise of true crime and those who are obsessed with it. While details on the series are scarce, we know that Gomez, Martin, and other cast members, Martin Short will play three of the Upper West Side buildings residents who are practically opposites except for the fact that they share a love for all things murder and mystery. When a shocking crime occurs on their home turf and all eyes turn to the trio as suspects they must employ their vast knowledge of true crime to solve the case. The photos of Gomez’s character being led away add a whole new sense of urgency to the hook of the plot. Are these three enthusiasts actually killers or wrongly accused?

It’s no surprise that Selena Gomez would join this series as a fan of true crime herself. In February of 2020, Gomez attended Crime Con with her mother. Crime Con or better known as the world’s number one true crime event is a yearly convention dedicated to all things murder, heartbreak, and heroism. Selena and her mom attended the event in order to help solve an unsolved mystery. Crime Con wrote on their official Instagram that Gomez and her mother were the perfect detectives who were a major help in bringing closure to the mystery.

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