Everything We Know About Season 10 of ‘The Masked Singer’!

Season 10 of The Masked Singer is premiering on September 27 and we are pumped to see which celebrities will be revealed this season! Here is everything we know about the upcoming video so far.

The official trailer for season 10 of The Masked Singer dropped on September 13th after a special kickoff episode to the new season aired on September 10th. The trailer included new costumes and the promise of shocking reveals. It even revealed for season 11 that Rita Ora will join as a new panelist. Here is everything we know so far about the new season!

The Kickoff Episode

On September 10th, a kickoff episode premiered in honor of the 10th season. It featured duets from past contestants, new costumes along with clues, and a reveal of a contestant that no one saw coming. The duets featured Joey Fatone and Bow Wow, Michelle Williams and Rumor Willis, and Victor Oladipo, and Barry Zito.

The singer the judges were trying to guess was Anonymouse. She performed ​Heart’s rendition of the song, “What About Love?” originally recorded by Canadian rock band Toronto. The unmasking of the contestant was none other than singer, songwriter, and actress Demi Lovato. Everyone was in shock as the panelists have guessed her multiple times over the past 10 seasons and then finally guessed it right.

The Costumes and Clues

The show is slowly revealing each costume that will be on Season 10. These are the ones that we know so far: Donut, Hawk, S’more, Hibiscus, Anteater, Cow, Diver, Husky, Gazelle, Royal Hen, and Tiki. In the most recent sneak peek, it revealed the Cuddle Monster costume and it’s the biggest costume the show has ever had.

On the special kickoff episode, Husky and Royal Hen dropped a few clues to the audience. The Husky pulled off a purple velvet cover that revealed a big chunk of money. He even says “Don’t go barking up the wrong tree, listen, here’s 10 million hints at who I am.” Then the Royal Hen mentioned that “I’m not only known in America, but because of what I did I’m known around the world.” They are reading a newspaper and the title says “Royal Hen Cracks Eggspectations & Takes The World By Storm.” Fans are already taking a stab at who Husky could be.

The Format

The format is a bit different this year as the show always puts a spin on past formats they’ve already implemented. This season will start off with five competitors from Group A, while Group B, and C will each have four. Then at the end of each group, there be a Battle Royale and these episodes will feature Masked Singer alumni singing one of their own songs then the current contestants will need to put a spin on it.

The Themes

As they have done in previous seasons, each episode will have different themes which will correlate to what songs the contestants will be singing. Here are the themes that we know: “Trolls Night” before the release of the third film within the franchise, “Harry Potter Night,” “Elton John Night,” “One Hit Wonders,” “Disco,” “2000s Night,” “NFL Night,” “Soundtrack of My Life” and “I Wanna Rock.”

The show has already been preparing fans for season 11 to come as Rita Ora will be filling in for Nicole Scherzinger as a judge. The Season 10 premiere of The Masked Singer will be on Wednesday, September 27th on FOX then stream the next day on Hulu.

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