Everything That Happened On Episode 6 Of ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Was INTENSE! We have the top moments for you to catch up on. 

Wednesday night’s episode was so intense, that my jaw dropped every few minutes! The cast is unraveling at the moment and I was not prepared for it to be this massive! Let’s get into the episode’s drama!

Teresa And Jackie Come Face To Face

We’re on episode six and yes, the feud between Teresa and Jackie is still going. Just when I thought there was an open door for them to squash it…NOPE!! The two are not in the mood to reconcile and now they’ve come face to face when the cast decided to take a trip to the Jersey Shore.

The drama started right from hello as Teresa showed up handing out gifts and throwing shots at Jackie (I won’t repeat what she said but if you saw the episode, you know what I’m talking about). The tension was evident the whole time and it didn’t stop there!

When the group sat down for dinner, everything heated up again!! Teresa was told earlier in the episode from Jennifer about Joe (Margaret’s husband) possibly hearing the rumor about Jackie’s husband as well so Teresa called him out on it at the dinner table. This caused a slight blow-up from Margaret (we’ll get to that later) and an argument between Teresa and Jackie where Jackie threw a huge dig at Teresa!

At this point, I’m not too confident about their reconciliation but I’m keeping hope alive!

Margaret VS. Joe And Jennifer

Margaret’s been pretty neutral so far so I was definitely surprised when she got into it with her husband Joe and Jennifer. Hearing that Jennifer told Teresa that she was told by her husband Bill that Joe heard the Jackie and Evan (Jackie’s husband) rumor made Margaret snap at Jennifer. Jennifer basically told Margaret that she should be mad at Joe not her and Margaret basically told her to stay out of her marriage. Then Margaret proceeded to yell at Joe asking him if he heard the rumor. I’ve never really seen Joe and Margaret get into it so I was watching saying “Nooooooo!!!”

By the way, things don’t seem to be simmering down between Margaret and Jennifer. According to next week’s preview, they start to argue again!

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