Everything Psychic Gina Marie Told The ‘RHONJ’ Cast

Gina Marie’s readings had all of the women in tears on this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! In case you missed It, we have a list of what she said to all the girls.

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Posted On: April 16th, 2021 5:32 pm pst

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What Gina Marie told the girls

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During Wednesday night’s episode, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey gathered at Teresa’s house to have a reading by psychic medium Gina Marie. Though some were hesitant to participate, they all agreed to receive a reading after hearing how spot on she was.

Each of the women’s readings were jaw dropping and brought them to tears. In case you missed it, I’ve put together a list of each of their readings!


So Margaret went first and Gina asked her about a man named Bernie. Margaret said that Bernie was her father in law from her previous marriage who passed away and he was one of her favorite people and a father figure to her. She even said that she probably wouldn’t have divorced her ex husband if Bernie was still alive.

Gina told Margaret that Bernie said thank you for stepping in to help raise his grandchildren and Margaret teared up from that and was in awe that Gina was able to feel that.


I think the most emotional reading was Dolores’. Gina told her that her grandparents are with her and Dolores said that though this is against her religion, it’s comforting to know they are always with her even when she’s felt alone.

Gina then goes on to tell her that her grandparents said she needs to brace herself for something physical and that she needs to go have her health checked. Just to note, earlier in the episode, Dolores revealed that she has to get a biopsy because some abnormalities showed on her mammogram.

The revelations don’t stop there, Gina also told Dolores that her grandparents said she is not with her soulmate and love will find her as soon as she lets that relationship go. Another note, everyone thinks her boyfriend David doesn’t cherish her and that she deserves better.

Finally, Gina tells Dolores that her dog Boo, who passed from kidney failure, is up in heaven with her grandparents. Dolores LOVES her dogs so when she heard that, she burst into tears. The women said they’ve never seen her cry before and a couple of them found it odd that she cried when hearing about her dog and not when hearing that she’s not with her soulmate.


Gina saw a crack in the foundation and the number 5 for Melissa’s reading. Melissa didn’t know what she was referring to but the show flashed back to her marital issues that stemmed from her opening her store 5 years ago and Joe having a hard time with her working.

Gina told her that her father was with her and told her not to doubt herself and basically that she shouldn’t feel guilty for her success and wanting to work.


Gina brings up Jackie’s grandmother Esther who passed away but was Jackie’s biggest fan and one of her favorite people. Her grandmother Esther was telling Jackie that it’s about how she’s picked herself up from her struggles and basically told her that she’s proud of her.

Jackie teared up as she looked back on how she overcame her eating disorder and the struggles she’s gone through with having a strained relationship with her sister.


Teresa’s reading revealed a big secret that some of the women suspected…Teresa’s got a new boyfriend!!

Gina told Teresa that her father was there with a bottle of his favorite liquor. He wanted to tell Teresa that he approved of her newest relationship and all of the women cheered and screamed as they were shocked to hear that Teresa is possibly hiding a new guy from them!


Jennifer’s reading confirmed a lot more about the problems her parents are having in their relationship which we have been seeing this season. Gina told Jennifer that she has a lot of spirit guides which is very interesting. Jennifer said that she had a great uncle who was a martyr in the Armenian genocide and the Pope confirmed him as a Saint.

Gina asked Jennifer if her mom perceived herself as an abused woman and Jennifer said yes (Earlier in the episode, her mom said this). Well, Gina told Jennifer that she needs to acknowledge her mom’s pain a bit more and let her know that she is on her side too.

Jennifer moved her dad in with her and thinks her mom feels like she’s only on his side although she loves them both and is trying to help the situation.

There’s all of their readings! Shocking right?! Next week’s episode looks good too so make sure you tune in every Wednesday night at 9pm PST!

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