Everyone Wants to Be In New York (Except Patrick) – S6 E12 ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Recap & Review w/ Sarah Levy

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Sarah Levy (“Twyla Sands”) joins us on the Afterbuzz TV after show to discuss season 6, episode 12 “The Pitch.”
Johnny, Stevie, and Roland head to New York to pitch their “Rosebud Motel Group” idea but it finds a less than friendly “Shark Tank.”
Meanwhile, the other three Roses make plans for a move back to New York while the rest of the town wonders if the idea is premature.
Where Patrick is normally laid back and accommodating to David’s antics he gives a less-than-excited glance towards Stevie that a move to the Big Apple is very much not what he signed up for.
Hosts: Rachel Swindler, Megan Gallagher, and Loren Kling

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