Every Confirmed Disney+ Series, Endgame Tie-Ins and more Cloak & Dagger – ‘Marvel TV Weekly’

Christian Bladt and Xia Anderson are joined by Steph Sabraw in the booth to talk about Season Two of Cloak and Dagger, plus, confirmation on ALL the Disney+ shows: Loki, Hawkeye, Vision & The Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier & Falcon, What If? And More!
Disney confirms Marvel content for Disney+ :
-Hawkeye (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop)
-Vision and Scarlet Witch
-Falcon and Winter Soldier
-Marvel 616
-Marvel’s Hero Project

What If first episode confirmed : What if peggy carter were Captain America

UNCONFIRMED CLICK BAIT RUMOR : Hulk and She Hulk show being developed for Disney+

Marvel and Adidas

Marvel and Coke