‘Euphoria’ Couples That Are Ultimately Made For Each Other!

Whether it be Rue and Jules or Lexi and Fez we are here for the relationships in Euphoria! Here are the couples that we believe are made for each other!

Euphoria is full of messy, romantic, and crazy relationships and we can not get enough of it! Every “Euphoria” Day (otherwise known as Sunday) fans take to Twitter and ship their favorite couples of the TV show!

Lexi and Fez

In the season 2 premiere, we were given scenes of Lexi and Fez at a New Year’s Eve party. Ever since then this is something that we can not get out of our heads! Lexi and Fez are the definitions of opposites attract and fans are rooting for this relationship!

Rue and Jules

Even though Elliot is now in the mix and in the most recent episode Rue and Jules have not been doing too well, we still have hope for Rue and Jules in the future!

Cassie and Maddy

This love triangle has been exhausting! These girls NEED a break from Nate. Both girls deserve a happily ever after and in this case fans are rooting for their friendship instead. We are here for it!

Kat and Ethan

Kat and Ethan’s relationship was unexpected and adorable. Even though Kat has explained that she may not love Ethan the way he loves her we still hope for a happy ending with the two of them. Kat and Ethan are the cutest together!

Ali and Leslie

Ever since Ali drove Rue home and walked her inside, fans could not get enough of Leslie and Ali together. They both deserve their happy endings and hopefully, the happy ending is for them to be together!

Who are you rooting for ?! Make sure to tune into Euphoria streaming on HBOMax every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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