‘Euphoria’ Christmas Special: Everything We Know So Far

Euphoria Just Dropped the latest trailer for their Christmas special: Here’s everything we know so far.

Euphoria fans rejoice because we just got our first look at the mid season special premiering this holiday season! Only four days after the show’s star, Zendaya, released a poster for the episode a trailer was then uploaded.

It is clear that at least one of the two episodes will focus on Zendaya’s Rue Bennett. The character was left on a massive cliffhanger from the first season. After the love of her life, Jules, left town without her, Rue fell back into the throes of the addiction she had been trying to beat all season. Some theorized that Rue did not live through her brush with drugs, but her survival has been confirmed by this newest trailer. The trailer footage depicts Rue sitting in a diner parsing over the last memories she had with Jules. Her reverie is interrupted by her sponsor who she has to own up to about her relapse.

One of the most exciting things fans immediately noticed about the trailer is that Zendaya is now acknowledged as an Emmy winner. The star’s historic win for Best Actress in a Leading Role Drama has been a huge inspiration to young actresses of color.


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The most important thing to know about these new set of episodes is that this is not season two. Even the posters carry this message ensuring fans that there will be even more to come from our favorite characters. So, if you don’t see a character like Maddie, Kat, or Fez keep in mind that they might be saving their appearances for the official season two. These episodes are considered a ‘bridge’ between season one and season two. The production for season two was expected to start this year, but was put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The bridge episodes are meant to keep fans satiated until the cast and crew can find a safe way to shoot season two properly.

There is speculation that due to its December premiere date that these new episodes will be Christmas themed. Euphoria writer and director Sam Levinson has released a short description of the episode that confirmed this. Rue will also be navigating Christmas celebrations at home while trying to get over Jules. The title of the episode ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always,’ gives some more context to Rue’s state of mind.

It is also safe to assume that Zendaya’s onscreen love interest Hunter Schafer who plays Jules will also appear in the episode. However, if these sequences will be dreams or reality we’re not sure yet. Although we long for a Rue and Jules reunion, there is a lot of emotional baggage each character must deal with in order to pursue a healthy relationship with anyone.

Will you be tuning into Euphoria’s Christmas special on December 6th at 9:00pm? Who do you think part two will be dedicated to? Only time can tell as we wait in anticipation.

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