Et tu, Betty? – S4 E13 ‘Riverdale’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Jughead is kicked out of Quill and Skull and will lose the Baxtor Brothers contract if he doesn’t turn in a new manuscript in 5 days.  Jughead decides to write a story based on what’s been happening to him at Stonewall. Ultimately, under threat of blackmail from Brett, Jughead quits Stonewall Prep. Archie struggles with how to honor his father’s legacy while also figuring out what he wants for his future.  He almost sells Andrews construction to focus on the Community Center but can’t do it in the end. Veronica struggles with how to deal with Hiram’s illness. She goes off the rails for most of the episode byt drinking at school and hooking up with Archie constantly but in the end realizes the best way to help Hiram is to make him angry and give him something he can fight.  So she tells Hiram her plans for the Red Raven maple line and awakens the dragon in Hiram. The episode ends with Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead going to the Ides of March party at Stonewall Prep. Jughead confronts Brett, Betty confronts Donna and it all culminates with Betty standing over Jughead’s dead body holding a bloody rock.

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Frank Moran (@happygojackie) Dontaira Terrell (@dontairaterrell)  Katie Kawamoto (@kt_christine):

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