Esty’s Reasons for Fleeing are Revealed – S1 E3 ‘Unorthodox’ Recap & Review

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Running from an arranged Marriage and being ‘adopted’ by a band of musicians, we’re following the journey of Esther Shapiro every step of the way! Join the UNORTHODOX AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST for episode breakdowns, discussions, and reviews! Subscribe and comment your thoughts to join the conversation!

Episode Recap

We finally get more background about what led Esty to flee her once beloved and comfortable community. Yanky and she have been trying to have a baby for a year with no luck and even less enjoyment. She has become a pariah as the community has caught wind of their difficulty which is seen as her sole responsibility.
In Berlin Moses continues his sinful behavior gambling, procuring a prostitute for Yanky (who is rejected), and finally breaking into Leah’s apartment. It is confirmed that Esty is pregnant and she rebuffs the doctor’s recommendation that she has options. Shes going to have the baby, she sees it as a blessing. She later enjoys her first night out to a club and afterwards has consensual sex with her friend Robert.
This show was hosted by Ashmin Ram & Kay Montgomery.
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