Eriel Indigo Interview | AfterBuzz TV’s Concert Experience

AFTERBUZZ TV – AfterBuzz TV’s Concert Experience edition, is a long form interview series featuring Musicians discussing their upcoming projects as well as their thoughts, passions and journeys. In this episode host Megan Boykoff interviews Eriel Indigo.


Eriel Indigo is an American recording artist, designer and activist from northern California. Indigo utilizes arts and performance as a vehicle to promote well-being, productive rebellion, intentional evolution and healing of communal consciousness.

The world of electro-pop is being redefined by LA-based galactic songstress, creative director and activist ERIEL INDIGO. The 19 year old utilizes her art and captivating performance as a vehicle to promote well-being, productive rebellion, intentional evolution and healing of the communal consciousness. She wasn’t born in a board room and isn’t a concept someone in a suit thought up to sell drugs, shallow sexuality, candy, alcohol, superficiality or hate. ERIEL is a real entity with something real to say and something pure to share.

Before making the move to LA to fully pursue her art, the indie-pop ingenue grew up in Northern California – immersed in nature, hippies, hillbillies, freaks, fairies, outlaws, guns, music and everything in between. Her mother is a musician, songwriter and healer — her father, a new age spiritual and leftist political writer.
“I suppose my music and art inherited quite a bit from my upbringing,” explains INDIGO. “Sound healing and revolution are in my blood. I was raised in an environment of outlaws and programmed to question everything. I was taught to live outside of the rules and regulations set forth by governments, organized religions and for profit institutions, so naturally – I never trusted them.”

ERIEL made the move down to Los Angeles, where she connected with songwriter and emerging record producer JOHNNY WHAT. Together they independently released INDIGO’S first single and video “INNOCENCE” in 2014, which saw a slew of positive reviews from the Hype Machine community and influential media including Buzzfeed and Revolt. Buzzfeed referred to the track as “ear candy,” and others followed with strong comparisons to electro-pop game-changers Empire of the Sun and Lana Del Rey.

Following the success of “INNOCENCE,” INDIGO continued work on her debut release with her partner in crime JOHNNY WHAT, completing 8 explosive tracks to be released as the ELEVATE EP, due out in March of 2016 and a full album to follow, entitled GALACTIVATE.
“When I create songs I’m looking to craft empowering anthems that can trick people into chanting themselves into inspired and activated states of being,” says INDIGO. “With ELEVATE, I aim to uplift, rile up and awaken. I like to inject meaningful words and content into the repetitive formulaic design of pop music.”

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