Epidemics, Spying, and the Red Threads Connect – S1 E5 ‘The Outsider’ Review & Recap

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A show like this could only mean one thing: Stephen King. Join us on THE OUTSIDER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow each episode of The Outsider as we delve further into this cursed murder investigation. Set within the shared universe of Mr. Mercedes, It’s no wonder HBO has chosen such a great story to tell. Every week we’ll break down the episodes and provide insight into the storylines and character plots. Subscribe to stay up to date on all things The Outsider!

Episode Recap

In todays episode, Holly continues searching for clues after returning from her trip to New York. She makes several connections to the Dayton, OH case, and asks Ralph to send photos from Terry Maitland’s gravesite. Jeannie receives 2 visits by the hooded man, both leaving her very shaken, especially since the second involved a direct threat to her and her husband. Holly gets closer to Detective Andy. Jack begins to spy on Ralph, Howard, and Yunis, clearly as a result of whatever is afflicting him. We are introduced to another man in Dayton who is suffering from the same issue as Jack.

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