‘Emily In Paris’ is Returning for Season 2, So You Better Learn to Say it Right…

Netflix announces ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2 with a bombshell revelation for fans!

Emily Cooper is here (and in Paris) to stay! Netflix revealed that the Darren Star show, starring Lily Collins, will be making yet another bid for viewers’ hearts with a second season. Netflix dropped this news through a letter drafted as if it was from the Boss B*tch herself, Sylvie Grateau, letting the Gilbert Group know that Savoir will be holding onto Emily for the time being. Check out the letter below!

And now that Miss Cooper is sticking around, Netflix thought it was time to acknowledge the elephant in the room…

That’s right, this whole time it was supposed to be ‘Emily in Paris’ pronounced the french way with an “E” sound on the end, NOT ‘Emily in Paris’ with an “S” sound. I mean, how were we supposed to know? Is Netflix reminding you of someone right now?

The show, which has a cult following of viewers who just love to hate it, had a rocky start. Lily Collins’ Emily Cooper and her often cringey social media captions gained a lot of negative press from big news outlets such as Buzzfeed and Variety. Of course, in a world where no press is bad press, this just guaranteed Emily Cooper and her American shenanigans a whole lot of attention! Which translated into an obvious renewal in Netflix’s eyes. Check out the mixed feelings boiling over on Twitter below:

However, lovers of the show stepped in to show their support right away!

Love it or hate it, I am sure we will all be tuning in for season 2 of Emily In Paris! There’s just something about her, we can’t seem to look away!

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