Ed Quinn Dishes On Season 2 Drama in ‘Tyler Perry’s The Oval’!

Ed Quinn from ‘Tyler Perry’s The Oval’ teases what to expect for season 2, the Tyler Perry series he would love to do a crossover with, and the secret to the show’s success. 

Your favorite dysfunctional family from the white house is coming back for a second go round on Tyler Perry’s The Oval.

Season 2 has finished production, and you can expect to see new episodes of the BET series on your TV screens soon.

Ed Quinn, who plays President Hunter Franklin, talked with Benny Adams on why the show is such a success and what to expect when the series returns.

“We pick up right where we left off, and everything gets even messier. Jason gets even more insane, and Victoria and I have to deal with it. Diane really starts to mount a defense against Hunter, and the pay off of that is not what she expected,” explained Quinn, on what to expect when the series returns for its sophomore season. ”The second season will have a lot of twists and turns, every storyline gets picked up where it left off, and then just gets thrown in the blender.”

Season 1 of The Oval proved to be a massive hit, becoming the number 1 new scripted series in cable for all audiences ages 18-49. That wasn’t all though, it was also number one in both broadcast and cable for African American viewers. Quinn credits Tyler Perry, as well as the cast and crew as to why the show is such a hit.

“I felt like we were born on third base and we just needed to bring her home and that’s what season 1 was, working hard, and everybody knowing how fortunate we were. Nobody works harder than Tyler Perry, nobody works harder than everyone in the studio, and we were able to accomplish what we set out to do, which was deliver a big, fun, and crazy television show; and the ratings speak for themselves. It was our victory to lose, and fortunately we did it,” said Quinn.

The Oval isn’t the only Tyler Perry project that’s dominating. There’s a slew of television shows and films coming from The Tyler Perry Studios that are taking over mainstream media. Quinn says Perry’s success is all due to his hard work.

“Tyler has a voice, he has that understanding of the stories that he wants to tell, and he builds his own world in which to tell them. He fought the hollywood system, made his own shows, owned his own copyrights, owned his whole licensing, and built a worldwide phenomenon which is his brand,” said Quinn. “He’s the first one to work, last one to leave. That’s the thing that you learn; you find your voice, find your vision, and then you just outwork everybody, and that’s what he does

Due to the success of The Oval, a spinoff series called Ruthless was created; but there’s one other show Quinn would love to do a crossover with.

“The fun one would be Sistas. I would want The Oval to do an episode of Sistas, because Sistas is so fun and so silly; and I think that would be a ton of fun to go live in their world in an episode; and Hunter Franklin going to that bar they always hang out at,” said Quinn.

While you wait for The Oval to return to your TV screens, you can catch Quinn on One Day at a Time on CBS, and American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule on Netflix.

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