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Episode Recap

On this weeks CW’s DYNASTY – SEASON 3 – EPISODE 18 – YOU MAKE BEING A PRIEST SOUND LIKE SOMETHING BAD Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) is focused on getting Liam the perfect wedding gift especially after “accidentally” finding his, and by accidentally she searched all over for it until she found it. Liam’s gift of the matted and framed first wedding certificate they received is perfect because it is thoughtful and sentimental, two things Fallon is not. Fallon seeks Culhane’s advice, who’s apartment has become a bachelor pad in sanitation alone, and asks him about any good gifts she has ever gotten him. She finds an invitation to Cristal’s charity gala and sees Kelly & Donna, Liam’s favorite band who’s song “Lovelorn” he sings ‘oddly a lot’, is performing. Fallon decides to get Kelly & Donna to sing at her wedding for Liam. After getting a meeting with their agent from Cristal (Daniella Alonso), their agent reluctantly turns down Fallon’s generous offer because the group is already rich and only does charity and meaningful events. After learning the last event they did was for their sorority “Lambda Lambda Nu”, in true Fallon style she pretends to be a sorority sister. On a tour of the hospital Fallon to seem charitable, Kelly & Donna agree to perform at the wedding. In celebration they attempt to do the ‘sorority handshake’ which Fallon doesnt know and her excuse is she is a huge germaphobe. They look forward to her speech at the gala, problem is Fallon is not supposed to give a speech. Fallon hijacks Cristal’s gala and her speech but gets called out when she doesnt know the Lambda Lambda Nu chant. Fallon pleads to Kelly & Donna on the podium even saying Liam’s favorite song is “Lovelorn” which turns out to be the Kelly Sisters not Kelly & Donna. Culhane explains to Fallon that all this was not for Liam but for herself. Fallon saves the day when half of Kelly & Donna cannot perform and Fallon takes their place. Fallon decides to write a song for Liam and perform it at the wedding. Fallon isn’t the only one who needs advice. Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley) asks for advice on getting back at Vanessa and Dominique. Charity case Adam (Sam Underwood) is doing his best after the liver surgery to focus on being good. Not too good however as him and Kirby are caught being frisky in the hospital closet. Adam is called up to the office as there is proof he stole the meds for Colby. Dr. Bailey propositions Adam sexually in lieu of punishment. When Adam refuses out of principle he confides in Kirby in regards to Cristal and Father Collins, making her swear to secrecy. Adam refuses to out Cristal and even says he feels bad for her. This is a change for Adam, Kirby (Maddison Brown) even comments on this change of character. Adam is solicited again by Dr. Bailey at the charity gala and turns her down again, even though she is much ‘better looking’ than Kirby thought, showing Adam had a true change. Adam is down about losing his job. Kirby confronts Cristal who was part of Adam losing his job and uses the newfound information in regards to her infidelity to keep Adam’s job. Adam’s spirits rise again when he finds out he is getting a second chance. He wrongly attributes it to his new found good character and good karma. Kirby mentions maybe someone talked them back into letting him keep his job. Adam asks for a rendevue with Kirby, which she turns down in favor of rekindling her friendship with Sam. The two have not spoken since the incident with Ramy. Sam being very upset over losing Kirby’s friendship, Kirby claims Sam is a bad friend. After misinterpreting a butt dial text form Kirby, Sam tries and Kirby finally gives back into their friendship. Rekindling is the theme as Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) hangs out with a post liver transplant healthy Colby but spend the time talking about Kirby. Colby (Sam Adegoke) runs into an old college friend and fling Mia, who looks amazing. Sam interrupts their shared moment with persistence and the truth, telling Mia that Colby is married. Colby looks annoyed and later tells Sam that his marriage to Alexis was an arrangement when he was dying, but now that he is not maybe its time to seek other arrangements. Cristal and Father Collins reflect on their shared kiss as a mistake. However that does not last long as Father Collins shares a dance with Cristal at the gala when Blake is called to Maldavia for business last minute. Cristal is upset with Blake (Grant Show) realizing the diamond necklace he bought her was in reparations for his misdeeds. His misdeed being an affair of his own with Laura Van Kirk. Cristal finds this out by snooping into their fitness monitor and finding an LVK charm on the floor of Blake’s office. Cristal and Father Collins break their vows and their chastity as they have sex, causing Cristal to not notice an unknown phone call. The phone call which Adam receives is stating Blake and Anders have been kidnapped in Maldavia.
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