Dos & Don’ts For 74th Tony Awards

When the Tony Awards eventually do come back, here is what the show should make sure to do and not do. 

Broadway has now been dark for over a year due to the pandemic, an unprecedented amount of time for the “Great White Way”. With Broadway being closed that also means no Tony Awards ceremony, making it the only major award show that hasn’t taken place within the past year. All the film ceremonies had wrapped up before the pandemic shut down started, and virtual ceremonies had started up by the end of summer.

The Tony Awards were originally slated to take place on June 7th, 2020, but have been pushed back until Broadway is able to reopen. The nominees were voted on in March of this year, even without having a date announced for the ceremony.

So much is up in the air regarding the ceremony since we don’t know what the world will look like once Broadway is able to reopen, or what rules and regulations will be in place. Judging how award shows have gone so far though, we have a list of dos and don’ts for them to keep in mind.


Allow Virtual Attendance

Even when Broadway is back open the likelihood that they will be able to seat a full house when the awards take place is low. The Oscars made a decision to not have any skype or zoom attendance. While it’s understanding to bring back some normalcy it also means that not everyone will be able to accept their award if they don’t feel comfortable attending in person. Allowing virtual attendance will not only guarantee that everyone can make it but also allow Broadway to earn some money back from how much they lost this past year by selling virtual seats.

Have Live or Taped Performances

One of the biggest appeals of the Tony Awards is watching the performances of the nominated shows. If live performances aren’t a viable thing when the awards take place, the Tony’s should film the performances ahead of time and stream them during the ceremony.

Have a Host

While some of the other award shows have chosen to go without a host for their pandemic ceremonies, the Tony’s should have one. The host really brings the entire ceremony together, from skits and jokes to musical performances they add to the entire feeling of the award show. Again if they can’t do live performances, they can always opt to pre-tape some to air during the show.


Skimp on the “In Memoriam”

The Oscars “In Memoriam” fiasco proved that people don’t want a rushed segment and want the people who have passed to have their time. This will be especially important for the Tony’s who will have over a year’s worth of people to fit in. They need to make sure to include everyone and not rush through it.

Ignore What’s Going on in the World

Sometimes entertainment takes the stance that it will be the escape from what is happening. However, it is through pain and disaster that some of the greatest works have been created. While they don’t need to revolve the whole show around it, they definitely should address not only the pandemic but diversity as well.

While we’re beyond ready for Broadway to come back, we respect the measures they are taking to bring it back safely. If you want to help out the workers on Broadway as they wait to get back to work you can find some resources here. You can also continue watching some of your favorite musicals and plays by getting a subscription to

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