Doom Patrol S2 E5 Recap & After Show: Finger Patrol

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Doom Patrol is finally here! This show is AMAZING and as one of DC All Access’ best shows, it needs a good panel of DC Fans to break it down! Join us for weekly episode discussions, predictions, plot breakdowns, and insider information as the DOOM PATROL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW is here for you! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date, and make sure you leave that rating and comment to support the show!

On this weeks RECAP via Den of Geek:
This episode is a bit of a clean up after the Danny party. Rita goes to audition for community theater, Larry sets out to help his son Paul clean out his dead son’s home, and Vic basically stalks Roni (with Cliff in tow), and Dorothy seems content to be a little girl and play with Baby Doll. And Chief continues on his apology tour, currently with Jane.
All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.

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