Don‘t Wanna Love You- S2 E3 ’Boomerang’ Recap & Review

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Join us for the BOOMERANG AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where each week we discuss Barry and David’s great new tv series based on the film! Join us for episode breakdowns, theories, plot discussion, and character development alongside special guests and juicy news about the show! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with all things Boomerang!

Episode Recap

David visits John John’s mega church and takes on a new role as John John’s mentee, but questions John John’s intentions.  Tia lands a high paying gig at a strip club however  is met with rivalry from other dancers. Bryson and Ari have a Taco Tuesday on a Sunday. Simone is trying to manage Tia as a dancer, but Tia isn’t following her orders. Follow us on

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