Don‘t Mix Business With Pleasure – S1 E4 ’Dave’ Recap & Review

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He’s going to be the best rapper in the world. Or at least he’ll try. We’ll be there every step of the way with the DAVE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where every week we’re breaking it all down! From comedic breakdowns to character arc discussions, subscribe and comment to stay up to date on all things Dave!

Episode Recap

Hilariously, this episode of Dave capture contagion and coughing in a way we could’ve never expected. Who would’ve thought that Lil Dicky calling out Young Thug for sick blunt etiquette we need in the Covid time. Are Mike and Dicky going to make it as a manager/client relationship? Will sucking something be the viral video Dicky needs to make his fame a success?

Jeff Graham, Karla Contreras, and Ashley Dior Jones answer all of those questions and more, coming up, on the DAVE Aftershow.

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