Dodge has an Unexpected Weakness!- S1 E4 ‘Locke And Key’ Review & Recap

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Have a love for ghosts, haunted houses, and all things downright creepy!? Join us as we break down all of the latest surrounding Netflix’s new drama/horror show, on THE LOCKE AND KEY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST. Find all of this exclusive gossip and more with us every week, including our special segments!

Episode Recap

Fresh from facing her fear, we meet a brand new Kensie! She’s fearless, bold…and has pink hair. Taylor uses the head key for his own benefit as he pursues Jackie and a new life apart from the jocks. Nina continues to work with Ellie to discover more about Rendell’s past and the Key house. Echo (aka Dodge) makes her usual appearance- this time with flames from the matchstick key. She pursues Bode, but we find out a new element of this story- she can’t take a key, it must be given by the owner! Slightly defeated, she pays a visit to Sam and we find out there may be to their relationship than meets the eye.

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