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AFTERBUZZ TV – Doctor Who edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of BBC’s Doctor Who series. In this episode host Jenna Busch breaks the episode “The Angels Take Manhattan” in which The cold open takes place in 1930s Manhattan, where private detective Sam Garner is hired by a Mr. Grayle to investigate “moving statues” at the Winter Quay apartments. Garner finds an elderly version of himself in an apartment dying in a bed and is chased by Weeping Angels to the rooftop, where he is confronted by a grimacing Statue of Liberty. In 2012, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory enjoy a picnic in Central Park. The Doctor is reading a pulp novel to Amy about a detective named Melody Malone when Rory leaves them to get coffee. The Doctor continues to read and tears out the last page in the book because he hates endings. As he’s reading, the Doctor finds that Rory turns up in the novel. Meanwhile, Rory was sent back in time to the 1930s by a cherub Weeping Angel. When he arrives he meets River Song, and the two are immediately kidnapped by henchmen working for Mr. Grayle. River reveals that she is Melody Malone, and asks how Rory got to be there. Rory is unsure, and River tells him he could not arrived by TARDIS because New York is being subjected to unusual time distortions that prevent the TARDIS from landing. Amy begins to read ahead in the Melody Malone book until the Doctor stops her, warning that anything she reads in the book is then destined to happen and cannot be changed. The Doctor and Amy then attempt to travel back to get Rory but the TARDIS encounters the distortions and returns them to a graveyard in 2012. Mr. Grayle has Rory locked in his dark basement with cherub Angels and only a box of matches to protect him. River is taken to his office, where she sees that Grayle is keeping a weakened Weeping Angel. Using her vortex manipulator, River coordinates with The Doctor to set up a homing beacon allowing the Doctor to land the TARDIS. Grayle allows the Weeping Angel to grab River’s wrist so he can interrogate her about the Angels. Deducing that River wrote the Melody Malone book, Amy identifies Rory’s location using the chapter titles and the Doctor sends her to rescue him. The Doctor and River flirt until he sees that the only way to free her is to break her wrist, something Amy had read in the book and therefore had to happen. The Doctor reads the chapter titles in the book and becomes angry when he sees one titled “Amelia’s Last Farewell”. The Doctor checks on Amy and they discover spent matches and Rory missing. Realising that an Angel got Rory, The Doctor and River use her scanner to pinpoint his location. At Winter Quay, Rory is drawn to an apartment labelled with his name just as the Doctor, Amy, and River arrive. Inside, an elderly Rory is lying on a bed and calls Amy over before dying. The Doctor suggests that the Quay has been used by the Angels many times as a battery farm, leaving their victims to live out their lives in solitude while feeding on their energy. Rory and Amy refuse to accept their fate, insisting they can run from the Angels forever. The Doctor and River agree and help to distract the Angels and Amy and Rory make it to the roof, where they encounter an angel in the form of the Statue of Liberty. Rory suggests another option: He jumps from the roof and dies, creating a paradox that would poison the Angels food supply and destroy them. Rather than pushing him as he requests, Amy joins him and the two jump just as the Doctor and River reach the roof. The paradox envelops the building and they all disappear. The four find themselves back in the 2012 graveyard again. As they are about to leave, Rory spots a tombstone with his name on it. He stops to examine it and is touched by a surviving Angel and disappears into the past. A distraught Amy convinces herself that if she were touched by the same Angel, it would send her to the same time it sent Rory. The Doctor desperately tries to talk her out of it, warning her that she would be creating fixed points in time and that he would never be able to see them again. River encourages her to go to be with Rory, and Amy says goodbye and allows the Angel to touch her. The tombstone changes to reflect Amy’s presence in the past with Rory, both having died at an old age. Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor asks River to travel with him. She agrees to travel with him, but not all the time. River and the Doctor discuss the Melody Malone book, and River figures that Amy would be the one to publish it. River tells him she will have Amy write him an afterword on the last page. The Doctor races back to their picnic spot and retrieves the page he tore out earlier. In it, Amy tells him that she and Rory love him and assures him that they lived a good and happy life together. She also suggests that he pay a visit to her younger self to reassure her that he will come back for her and take her on amazing journeys. The episode ends with a young Amelia Pond sitting in her back garden, then looking up and smiling as the TARDIS engines are heard. There to help Jenna are co-hosts Matt Lieberman, Roth Cornet, and special guest Katlin Mastrandrea from The Middle. It’s Doctor Who’s “The Angels Take Manhattan” podcast!

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