Do Androids Dream of Electric Orchids? – S1 E6 ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap & Review

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Are you ready to fully explore the world of Star Trek and discover new worlds? From the original series to Discovery to Picard, We’re taking you way back before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission so you can discover everything there is to know about Star Trek. Each week we will discuss new findings and themes from the show. Tune in here for reviews of previous and current seasons, recaps of storylines, and in-depth discussions on specific themes from the trek universe.

Episode Recap

Soji wakes from a reoccurring dream she has about her father in his lab with orchids.  Narek tried to get her to talk more about the dream and if it is a memory or not. The next morning Soji tells Narek that she fell asleep while talking with her mother.  He tells her that all the calls to her mother only last 70 seconds. When Soji call her mother in the middle of the day and falls asleep she decides to carbon date all her belongings to determine their age.  Everything she owns – photos, childhood toy, drawing – are 37 months old. Narek suggests that someone may have implanted false memories to get Soji to obtain something on the reclaimed Borg cube. He suggests a Romulan meditation technique, Zahl Makh, to help unlock her memories.  During the meditation, Soji still can’t see her father’s face but does see the orchards are really her disassembled body on a table. Narek tells her to look up to help identify where she is. Soji notices 2 red planets surrounded by lightning storms. Narek finally has a solid lead on where the synths are hiding.  Narek leaves Soji locker in the meditation room with a puzzle box that expels deadly radiation into the chamber.

Elsewhere, Picard talks with Jurati about the death of Bruce Maddox.  She lies and says the nighties he sustained on Freecloud were too much.  Jurati is struggling with what she has done and seeks momentary comfort with Rios. 

With a location for Soji finally secured, Picard must find a way to get into the Borg cube.  Raffi reaches out to an old contact to get Picard diplomatic access to the Borg Reclamation project.  On the way to the cube, Picard struggles with his feelings about the Borg. He still harbors a lot of anger about becoming Locutus. 

The Romulans will only allow Picard access to the cube.  There he reunites with Hugh who shows him how the are helping these Borg reclaim their humanity.  Picard is grateful that Hugh has given him the chance to see the Borg as victims instead of monsters.  He then asks for Hugh’s help locating Soji.   Hugh cannot find her because her location is being cloaked. 

Soji activates in the meditation chamber as the radiation threatens to destroy her.  She now has the strength to punch her way out of the chamber floor and can now be detected by Picard and Hugh.  They get to her location and Picard implores her to trust him and come with him as Romulans approach. Hugh takes them to the Queens Chamber and activates a gateway that can get Picard and Soji off the ship.  Romulans approach as the gateway is powering up. Elnor, against Picard’s orders, beams to the cube and dispatches the Romulans guards.

Hugh is set to transport Picard and Soji to Nepenthe.  Picard contact Rios to tell him the rendezvous point. As more Romulan guards approach, Hugh says he will cover for Picard.  Elnor also stays behind to give Picard the time he needs to escape. Picard and Soji step through the gateway and, as Hugh closes the chamber off, Elnor draws his sword and asks for the Romulans to choose life.Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Christian Bladt (@ChristianDMZ), Flobo Boyce (@floboboyce), Frank Moran (@happygojackie)

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