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What happens when you pierce through the thin veil of society and discover what your true reality and potential is? On the DISPATCHES FROM ELSEWHERE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCASTS, we’re going to be following our favorite characters as they do just that! Join us every week as we break down the latest episode from the plots, to the characters, to even the magic! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

A young boy (Travis Burnett) excitedly watches classic television programs like The Muppets and “It’s A Wonderful Life,” while he and his surroundings appear straight out of a black and white family program from the 1950s. He sits down his parents to announce that he wants to pursue the life and hard work of becoming an actor, rigorously studying and practicing for a big stage audition in which he dons the sad clown makeup we’ve recognized him in throughout the series. The audition results in his new manager, named Octavio, sending him on a whirlwind tour of repeat performances and chocolate milk, which ultimately tire the Boy and drain him of his happiness, which he tries to fill with more chocolate milk.
This story is being told by someone we recognize as Peter (Jason Segel), but is revealed to be Jason Segel himself, sharing with anonymous support group and catching the attention of someone we recognize as Simone (Eve Lindley), but is a different Simone. The two converse at Simone’s workshop, which is filled with things and ideas referencing the game throughout the series, and in this conversation Jason discusses his emptiness, is advised to make a list of likes and dislikes, and is invited to join the Elsewhere Public Works Agency. He participates in a well-hidden game very similar to the one we’ve seen all season that puts him on a rooftop to confront the question of what to do next, and with the help of Janice, he is inspired to create a TV show about his experience.
Jason pitches his idea to a network executive version of Fredwynn while opening up and owning who he is, flaws and all. With the acknowledgement of needing a little help to pull it off, the show has been made as we have been watching it this whole time. Jason, Simone, Janice, and Fredwynn sit together on a hilltop, discussing their impressions of the episode they just watched but then surprise the audience by discussing it through the fourth wall. Jason pulls back the camera to reveal the cast, crew, and audience members at home who have been playing along with the show since the beginning, introducing themselves in Octavio Coleman (Richard E. Grant)’s final address to us, the audience, who have always been part of “We”.

Today’s show was hosted by Kevin Allen, Sana Moore, Benjamin Schnau, Shyntel Del Aguila

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