Disney Channel Stars Kyliegh Curran & Ethan Hutchison Dish on Season 2 of ‘Secrets of Sulphur Springs’!

Disney Channel Stars Kyliegh Curran and Ethan Hutchison talk with AfterBuzz TV about learning more about their own family history, working with 1930s technology & more!

Season 1 of Secrets of Sulphur Springs took viewers on quite the mystery adventure and even though we finally discovered what happened to Savannah, we got left with an even bigger question at the season finale when Harper, Griffin and Savannah meet Daisy Tremont..

Chae’ Jones chatted with Kyliegh Curran (Harper) and Ethan Hutchison (Young Sam Tremont) during a virtual junket for Season 2 of Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Hutchison joining the cast, how the show inspired them to learn more about their own family history, and working with 1930s technology.


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Season 2 introduces some new characters. Hutchison will be playing Young Sam, brother to Daisy in the 1930s. When asked how he felt joining the cast and the show in general Hutchison said, “One, I am a huge, huge fan of the show before I even got the audition. I was just watching season 1 enjoying it. When I got the audition I was like what! I gotta read this. Did I actually get an audition for Secrets of Sulphur Springs and then the table read which was just crazy. Kyliegh’s on my left, Preston’s on my right like a seat over and I’m like stay calm. It’s okay. Otherwise, I’m just going to freak out.”

This show definitely explores the history of the Tremont Hotel and the mystery of the Tremont family and how everything connects back to them. Learning about our family history is very important for a lot of us. When asked if based on the storyline of their character, did it spark them wanting to discover more about their own family history, Curran replied, “I think um we’ve always had really strong bonds with my family’s history. Especially with my grandparents and their grandparents. So I think it was really cool seeing how life was like for them. We had already known like all the goods and bads of their childhood and what happened and just growing up as a kid in the 1930s. So I think it was kinda cool. I was like, hm, i’m my grandma today. I am Mimi today. What are we going to do?”

“I did. It was really interesting to know that my relatives, my family’s had gone through these times that are bad in some ways or good in some ways or different. Al ot of people like my studio teacher sent me messages. My grandparents told me stories about their families during that time. It was just amazing that I actually got to experience a time that no one…that even me I can’t experience is one of the joys of acting.That you can experience something without necessarily taking the risks of doing it. It’s like running a simulation. You can pretend it but you’re not actually doing it. So you won’t face the full repercussions of it in an extent. In it’s full form.” Hutchison shared.

Most of Hutchison and Curran’s filming took place in the 1930s setting. This means no internet, barely any TV sets, airplanes were mostly only for the rich and famous, and car radios were just being installed. Definitely a different era than 2022, more simplistic. When asked what old school technology or appliances that confused them, Hutchison said, “Two things that jumped out at me. One, the old timey washing machine. Not even a machine. You have to put the clothes in and crank it. I was like, wow this is one shirt at a time. The other is they actually had the Model Ts. The Model T cars on set. Now that was crazy.”

“Yeah, I’d say the fridge. In Daisy’s kitchen. There was a fridge and it looked directly from the 1930s and they had a bunch of other baskets and stuff that were either thrifted from the 1930s or they aged to make it look vintage. Also the Model T cars. Yes, the cars were so cool. They were literally directly from the 30s. They didn’t like age a car or anything. They just like, whoop. We’re going to buy it and put it on here. I was like wow!” Curran added.

Season 2 will have a lot in store for fans. To find out how Curran believes Harper feels when she meets Daisy and who is the Ghost of the Tremont Hotel, CLICK HERE.

Season two of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, January 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, with two back-to-back episodes. The season will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, January 19, and will be available in its entirety.

What you need to know going into season two of “Secrets of Sulphur Springs,” Griffin and Harper unravel new mysteries about The Tremont, and Harper follows the real ghost back to the 1930s to learn more about her family’s deep-seated connection to the hotel. When the power source to the time machine is unintentionally taken and the portal disappears, Harper becomes trapped in the past with her great-uncle Sam and great-great-grandfather Elijah, while her great-grandmother Daisy is left to navigate the present. With help from Savannah from her new life in 1962, the friends attempt to fix the time machine and bring back the portal before it’s too late and their lives are forever changed.

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