“Disappear Here” Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Now Apocalypse’ Review

Hosts Howard the 3rd, Chae’ Jones and Nikki Bailey talk episode 9 “Disappear Here”. Carly has to make a choice between Jethro and Leif, Severine has to leave for New Mexico and Ford is not dealing with the information well, and Uly and Issac’s relationship is moving fast but it seems to be working for them. Plus our sex fun fact. Tune in!

Love, sex, and fame. Three words Ulysses and his friends Carly, Ford, and Severine are pursuing in Los Angeles. Ulysses grows increasingly troubled when weird dreams start occurring, signaling something terrible will happen soon. Are these bad dreams going to become a reality? Or is Ulysses smoking too much? Join us for the NOW APOCALYPSE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTERSHOW as we dissect each episode weekly, uncovering if Ulysses’ bad dreams will come true. We will have plot discussions, character breakdowns, insider news with possible special guests! Be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment to stay current on all things Now Apocalypse.