Did ‘Glee’ Foresee The Future?

After 6 seasons of the television series Glee, there have been correlations between plotlines and episodes that have become a reality. We’re sharing how cast members Lea Michele and Melissa Benoist have even had their character manifest their future careers.

Lea Michele landing the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway

As many of us know, Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry is centered around being an incredibly talented singer and actress who’s dream is to play Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway. Throughout the numerous seasons, the classic musical is mentioned multiple times throughout her character development in the show. In Season 1, Episode 13 “Sectionals”, before she sings the iconic showtune “Don’t Rain on my Parade”, she mentions that this is something she has been “working on since she was four.” This shows how this is a prominent characteristic of her character; as she then proceeds to use this song for her college audition in Season 3, Episode 18 “Choke”.

When she finds out she got the part of Fanny Brice in Season 5, Episode 2 “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”, all of us superfans feel the excitement, as we have been on this journey along with her since Season 1. The exhilaration and emotional rollercoaster we have felt from this television show and the storyline that comes along with loving Rachel Berry is now not only a fantasy; but has become a reality.

“A dream come true,” Miss Michele shared to her beloved instagram following. This production moved her to tears by the end of her first performance.


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Fans were going off the deep end over her performance of “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. Can you blame them? You get goosebumps watching it on television, nevermind in person on a broadway stage.

According to People.com, Lea Michele received four standing ovations before intermission on her opening night.

Her best friend and former co-worker Jonathan Groff, as well as the co-creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, came to support Michele on her big night. Fans shared their thoughts on Twitter about how “Ryan Murphy was in the audience… watching the plotline he wrote for Rachel Berry 8 years ago come true. He’s living in his own episode.”

Melissa Benoist plays Supergirl years after Glee airs superhero episode

In Glee’s Season 4, Episode 7 “Dynamic Duets”, Melissa Benoist’s character Marley Rose plays a role where she does not feel comfortable wearing a superhero costume– she feels “fat” and “ridiculous” in her superhero outfit.

During this episode, the glee club’s weekly assignment was to have them perform as their superhero alter-ego. Marley eventually ditches her habitually mellow, shy portrayal of herself – the “Wall Flower”, and brings out her “Woman Fierce” persona instead. Marley and Kitty proceeded to sing a duet to “Holding Out For a Hero” where Marley stands in a superhero pose mid-song. Fans say that this pose was very much foreshadowing her role in the sci-fi series Supergirl.

Since this episode came out back in 2012, and Supergirl started airing in the year 2015, fans believe this is yet another one of the manifestations Glee has managed to predict for the cast’s future.


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Given these few instances, who knows how many other times we will see a Glee prediction again. Unfortunately only time will tell, but Sue will probably ‘C’ it before any of us.

You can now watch Glee streaming on Disney Plus.

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