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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Sean Overman breaks down the season 7 episode in which As Dexter is cleaning his boat, he discovers blood stains. A DNA match reveals the victim to be Louis Greene. Meanwhile, LaGuerta tells Debra of her suspicions that the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive. As Dexter nears his apartment, he notices his curtains are open and concludes that someone has broken in, as Isaak Sirko waits inside. Dexter leaves a message on his own answering machine, tricking the would be hitman into going to a restaurant. At the restaurant, Dexter calls Isaak to ask him what he was doing in his apartment. Isaak tells him he is out to avenge Viktor Baskov’s death and plans to kill Dexter and any other Miami Metro police officer involved, including Debra. Dexter tells him he worked alone in killing Viktor and the conversation ends. Dexter warns Debra of Isaak, confesses to killing Viktor, and says that Alex the barkeeper was set up by Isaak. Meanwhile, Dexter and Batista interview Hannah McKay about one of Randall’s victims and the impending dig for victims’ bodies the next day. As Hannah handles one of Randall’s toys, Dexter senses she is nostalgic about her killing spree with Randall. As Debra and LaGuerta interview the son of Philip Barnes, the wedding photographer and serial killer who Dexter killed, he shows them photographs from his father’s last job – the wedding reception from which Dexter abducted him. Debra finds a photograph with Dexter in it and hides it before LaGuerta notices. Directed by Hannah McKay, officers dig out one of the double murder victims of Wayne Randall. As Dexter analyses the victims’ wounds and blood spatter, he realises the female victim was killed by someone smaller than Randall: Hannah McKay, though she can’t be prosecuted because the DA gave her immunity for any crime committed with Randall in exchange for her cooperation in the case. Dexter finds Isaak following him and lures him to a Colombian bar, who, as Isaak is unaware of, are the sworn enemies of the Koshka brotherhood. Back at the office, Batista gets a call reporting a homicide at a Colombian hangout. There, the team finds three bodies, none belonging to Isaak. Dexter’s spatter analysis reveals that Isaak was “brutally efficient” in killing his three attackers but was himself injured. Isaak Sirko’s blood sample from his injuries ties him to the three murders, leading to his arrest. Batista tells Debra of his suspicions that Alex the bartender was set up in Mike Anderson’s murder and that Viktor Baskov was the real killer. Debra tells him to let it go, much to his disappointment. Back home, Debra shows Dexter his photograph from the wedding reception. Debra walks away as he begins to burn the evidence. Dexter thinks to himself that Debra is safer “by the shore” while he would be “swimming deep” by himself. There to help Sean are co-hosts JJ Jurgens, Anna Koppel, and Stephen Lemieux. It’s Dexter’s “Swim Deep” podcast!

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