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AFTERBUZZ TV – Dexter edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Showtime’s Dexter. In this episode host Anna Koppel Debra struggles to accept Dexter as who he is, while Dexter and Masuka look for evidence on Speltzer in the Mausoleum, which they don’t find. Then Debra fantasizes during a bath that the bath is filled with blood while Dexter is holding out his hand. Next morning she asks Dexter about Rita’s murder and Dexter’s involvement in it. Dexter reveals the truth to Debra that Arthur ‘Trinity’ Mitchell killed Rita hours before Dexter killed him. Meanwhile, Speltzer is caught by local police at a scrapyard and is brought into the station. Batista interrogates him first and when he doesn’t get a confession allows Debra to take a shot. During Debra’s interrogation he cracks and admits he murdered at least one of the girls, Micaela. Dexter follows Debra to her car asking her to come with him to celebrate Speltzer’s confession. Debra refuses, saying that the girl is still dead. The police review a tape of the police officers who had taken down Speltzer. The officers failed to properly mirandize him when placing him under arrest. Speltzer’s lawyer uses that in the trial and the Judge dismisses Speltzer’s confession over this technicality and sets him free. Dexter enters Speltzer’s Motorhome to catch Speltzer off guard. But Speltzer unexpectedly comes in and knocks Dexter out. Dexter awakes in a maze. He manages to fend off Speltzer and escape from the roof. Quinn and several police officers raid Sirko’s stripclub. Sirko determines he needs a scapegoat to pin Mike Anderson’s murder on so that the police will leave them alone. Debra reflects on the earlier conversation and concludes that Harrison should move to his grandparents to guarantee his safety, which Dexter refuses. Sirko and his henchmen visit Alex, a barkeeper from the strip club. He tells Alex he will provide for his family back in Russia, if Sirko can frame Alex for the murder of Mike. Alex gives in and shoots himself through the head with the gun that killed Mike, leaving a suicide note admitting to the crime. Dexter visits the crime scene of the presumed suicide of Alex. Quinn is convinced Alex committed the murders; Batista thinks it was a setup, as does Dexter. Hannah McKay visits Miami Metro to help the police with the investigation of Wayne Randall’s murders, after the police had uncovered one of his murder victims. She briefly talks to Dexter about Wayne then goes off to meet with her lawyer. Sirko swears to avenge Viktor’s death. Speltzer attends the burial of his last victim, which makes Debra lose control and she has to be restrained. Dexter arrives at Debra’s home and tries to comfort her. They wonder if their relationship can ever be the same as before. Batista finds out about Quinn’s involvement with Nadia. Dexter sends Harrison away so he can freely chase Speltzer without worrying about his family. Dexter finally catches Speltzer at the cemetery and straps him to the cremation bench. After killing Speltzer, he then burns both the body and his blood slides in the fire. Debra arrives at the cemetery, invited by Dexter. He says the smoke coming from the chimney is Speltzer. Debra feels glad he is dead; Debra asks what that makes her. Dexter replies it makes her human. breaks down the season 7 episode in which There to help Anna are co-hosts JJ Jurgens, Sean Overman, and Stephen Lemieux. Also joining the conversation is special guest Dana Wilson who plays Detective Angie Miller. It’s Dexter’s “Run” podcast!

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